Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8 Challenge - A big event

Today's challenge is proving challenging to me.  The challenge is to scrap about a big event.  I was back and forth about my son's graduation from High School.  Which is really what I was planning on doing today.  Until I remembered that my camera's memory was full just as he was being called up to receive his Diploma and Plumbing Certificate.  So, I have no actually photo of his graduating.  I do have photos of him in his Cap and Gown. So I decided to expand it to a memory of his High School Senior Year.  Still quite an accomplishment.  So I have been spending the morning sorting through photos.  I got it down to 17 but still a lot for a 2 page spread.  So I am still working on my Challenge for today.

I had my layout together and ready for the photos but now with so many photos I want to include, I may have to start from scratch again and make a new layout.

I will share my results once I get it figured out.


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