Monday, July 29, 2013

Turning 50

I thought when I got back from West Virginia I would quickly get back into my daily routine.  That has not happened.  I turned 50 this week and it ended up being a whirlwind of a week.

First I subbed for 4 days - Monday through Thursday.  It was an unusual assignment.  I will not even get into details but I was glad the week went quickly in that perspective. 

My son was working a few nights this week so in order for us all to get together for my birthday we went out to lunch on Tuesday.  I was thrilled to have everyone together for my birthday but on top of just lunch they surprised me with a new camera.  I had a beautiful Canon Rebel that was stolen about a year ago.  I did not have the money to replace it so tried to just do the best I could with the camera on my phone but whenever a big event came up, like the kids' Proms, I was very sad to not have a good camera. So I cried when I opened the Box and found a Nikon D3200.

I thought this was the best birthday ever!  But it kept on going.  My darling hubby took me out for dinner the next night, just the 2 of us.  Then on my actually day, Thursday, we went out again.  I insisted on this one only because I eat free at my favorite night spot on my birthday.  So we went out again.

Friday I was burnt out and was thrilled when no one bothered me for the whole day.  I got to play in my scraproom and tidy it up.  I didn't get any projects done but I got my room back to the nice clean place it was months ago.  I was so thrilled I even posted some photos on my Pinterest.    This was like another present just for me.  Time alone in my scraproom.

Saturday, my daughter asked me to take her shopping.  Senior pictures were on Monday and she wanted to find a nice outfit.  It went from a leisurely day to "Oh, Mom, I am not feeling well.  Can we head home right away?!" so after a quick rush through the last store we headed home to be surprised by lots of family and friends for a Surprise party for me! 

Sunday, my darling hubby wanted a Date Night with just the two of us, again.  Boy, the surprises just keep coming.  So we went to a local arcade and played some video games, then stopped for some margaritas and appetizers.

This has been an awesome week. Today I told my hubby, No More.  I am pooped and can not handle another night of going out or any more surprises.

But we still have a busy week.  We are running an event on Thursday evening and have to get all the supplies, food, make all the signs and flyers, line up the staff and what their jobs will be. etc...

Maybe by Monday I will get back into my leisurely summer routine and be able to start posting challenges again.

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