Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My husband and I are doing the Dash Diet.  Today is day 3.  He wants to lose about 35 lbs.  He is only giving it a 2 week trial to see how it goes.  I am in for the long run.  I have a goal of 65 lbs by Sept 17th.  (just before our 25th wedding anniversary) to meet my goal I have to lose 2 lbs a week.

Like I said, it is day 3.  My loving husband is not holding up too well.  This is the first time in his life to ever try dieting and he is obsessing on what he cannot eat rather than what he can.  No beer, no caffeine, no sugar, no adding salt to food, no processed foods, no starchy foods, no pasta, no bread, no white rice, , no milk, and no fruit.

Typing it up, it does sound pretty terrible, especially when you get to the last one, no fruit.  What kind of diet tells you not to eat fruit?  Well, this one does.  For 2 weeks anyway.  It is cleansing your system of toxins and sugars.  After the initial 2 weeks then you can add fruit, whole wheat grains and breads, and drink low fat milk.

My husband has had a headache for 2 days now and is a little shaky.  I am guessing he will last one more day and quit or I will have to find another diet for him other then the DASH. Each Dash book I have found has a different approach and different daily menus.  One of the others may work better.

I did this one myself last February.  it was tough for me, too, but I stuck it out and survived the initial period -  losing 14 lbs.  Then kept it up for 2 more months to lose another 10 lbs.  Then school got out, I was out of work, and for some reason went back to my old eating habits and gained the weight back along with 10 lbs extra.  Where did that come from?

Since I have done this before I know I can handle it again,  But I need to keep it going this time for the long run.  It is a very healthy lifestyle.  It is just so different from the type of eating we are used to in my home.

The easiest way to describe what you can eat is this:
When you walk into your grocery store, only shop the outside perimeter of the store.  Think about it.  All stores are set up the same basis way.  One side had the fresh fruits, produce, even fresh herbs, deli meats and cheese, many stores sell their dried fruits and nuts in this section , as well.  The back always has the meat department with lean cuts of pork, beef, chicken, turkey, etc  and fish, Keep walking along the back wall til you reach the fresh milk and dairy, continue to the other end and you have frozen fruit, veggies, and meats, and also whole grain bread.  Do not shop for anything in the aisles in between.  This is where all the processed foods are sold.  Do not buy anything with more than one ingredient in it.

Even eating out is not bad on this plan.  Just order veggies as your side rather than French fries and order a burger without the bun. This is a photo of my lunch at Red Robin, a turkey burger in a lettuce wrap with broccoli. It was actually delicious and very filling.

Sounds simple enough, but when your body has lived on oreo cookies, canned soup, and boxed mac & cheese for so long it does not take to the change very well.

Monday will be my first weigh in.  I will see how we are both doing at that point if we survive that long. (today is Wednesday)

I have another tip for you.  Nothing to do with dieting or healthy eating. Before you throw away any used gifts cards you may find around your house, go online and make sure there in nothing left on them.

These movie gift cards have been on the corner of my kitchen table for weeks.  In person they look more beat up then they do in this photo. Anyway, I was about to throw them away thinking they were used up.  There is a website on the back to check balances.  Between these 5 cards there is still $66.43 on them.  And to think I almost tossed them.  It may be a pain to use them because there are odd amounts on each, but still money is money.

Maybe I will take my husband to the movies tonight to get his mind off his diet.

Have a great day and I hope you are doing something creative today.

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