Saturday, February 13, 2016

More sale items Listed

I have spent the last 2 days adding items to my Etsy shop.  Right now I have all my retired Stampin Up stamp sets posted, some of the retired tools, and I am starting to list cardstock.  Click the link to see what has been added
Sharon's Shop

As far as the donations are going...they are not.  I spoke to senior centers and emailed a local school with no response.  If you know someone local (near Quincy, MA) that wants this stuff, please comment below.  I really hate to just give up on this stuff.  But If I do not hear anything I will be dropping it all off at GoodWill this coming week.

Today's weather forecast is 9 below with the wind chills feeling more like 35 BELOW 0.  So it will be a good day to stay in the house and keep posting things on my shop.

Once I get through all the Stampin Up product, I will move on to Close To My Heart products.  I think I have over 100 stamps sets from this company along with all the ink pads, markers and cardstock colors, as well.

Once that is cleared out, then I will move on to the other misc companies, EK Success, Me and My Bid Idea, We R Memory Keepers, etc.. Until I get my room down to the bare essentials of what I feel I will still put to good use.

Since I missed blogging the past 2 days I have 2 prompts for today.
Again I am following the interactive journal by Cynthia Scher
This Time Next Year 365 Days of Exploration
Day 2
Draw a self-portrait in the middle of this page (Stick Figures are Okay)

So here I am.  I am terrible at drawing, better at coloring so I added color to mine.

Now look at the drawing.  Did you draw some parts too big/small? Are you smiling/frowning?Contemplate why you think you drew this picture the way you did?

My answers to the prompts: 
Everything is too big, I need to get healthy.
Smiling.  I am what I am and I know somebody loves me no matter what.
Why did I draw myself this way? This is what I see in the mirror everyday.

Day 3
Set a timer for five minutes.  Write about yourself. Don't stop and don't life your pen or pencil away from the paper the entire time.  No Pausing to think or edit.

Five minutes seems like a long time to write about myself.  I do not think I can come up with enough to keep going that long but I will give it a try.  First off, I am at a changing point in my life right now.  I have grown kids that do not depend on my nearly as much as they used to.  Kevin, my husband seems to depend on me more than ever lately.  But where do I stand?

 I recently left a job I no longer enjoyed.  I have interviewed for jobs back in the travel field, which I truly love and would totally enjoy doing again.  But in what aspect? I loved working at the airport and did this for about 3 years.  I worked nights, every holiday and every weekend, but it was an adventure every day.  The late nights, pulling the jetup up to that last flight of the evening, then rushing down to the baggage service office to file claims for the people who's luggage was damaged, or just never showed up.  It was fun being there is the midst of everyone's travels.

Or did I prefer being the tour guide on buses. Living out of a suitcase 250 days out of the year.  Taking trips up to Toronto or down to Virginia or all the local sights in between, Washington DC and Amish country were my favorite tours. Could I possible be away from home that much at this point in my life.  Kevin would not be able to handle it, I know that.  Do I want to go back to work right now.  I am enjoying waking up, having a leisurely cup of coffee and heading to my scraproom to clean it out.  If I was working I would never find time to do this.

I do love the traveling, though, and would jump at a chance to go anywhere.  Even a night a Foxwoods seems like such a treat to me.

Do I start calling lawyers to get involved in my unemployment fight.  They denied me again even after going into Boston for a hearing.  I left because after 13 years, I felt like my career was going backwards instead of forward.  Of course that might have been their plan, to transfer me to a terrible job so I would quit.  They got their wish.  Enough on that.

I have been feeling creative lately. This is the big surge of wanting to clean out my scraproom.  I have no space to work on any projects right now with all the clutter.  I went to a Paint night with my sister a while back and then another with my daughter.  I loved the painting we did and tried another on my own at home.  The painting I did on my own is below.  It is a winter scene with snow falling and an  owl sitting in a tree.  I have been painting wine glasses, too.  (I don't drink wine, but that is besides the point)
Time up Well that was my 5 minutes of writing. 

This is extra but this is what I have been painting lately.

I am not crazy about my owl.  He looks more like a blob with eyes, but I do like the little bird's nest I put up higher in the tree branches. 
This is just one of the glasses I painted.  I did a bunch of different images on wine glasses and gave them out as Christmas gifts.  This one I did for me.  I added Gigi to it as well, so I will keep this one.

Then I started making greeting cards, as well.  These are on the plain and simple side but I usually start simple until the creative juices get going then I add more bling to my cards.

Well that is it for now.

Do something creative on the blistery cold day.

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