Sunday, February 14, 2016

Paint Gone Bad

What a sad day.  I knew I wanted to clear out some stuff in my workshop but I was not planning on getting rid of my pretty supply of paints.  I love the colors and even the way the little bottles sit on my shelf.

I pulled a couple of bottle off this morning to find the paint is completely dried up inside the bottles.  I do not know how many are no good but I am not happy about this.  Though, I should not be too upset I guess.  The label says I have had these bottle since 2003.  I don't think paint is meant to last quite this long.  13 years!  Wow! Though, I do have ZIG markers older then these paint bottle that still work.  So this is another project for today's chilly weather.  I will take all these bottles down and see what is still usable. See the bottles way in back on the top shelf.  This were the first paints that Making Memories came out with.  They have metal little caps on them.  These are probably no good at all.  Once the bottle got open for the first time the paint stuck to the metal cap and them you needed a pair of plyers to get them open again.  The company quickly changed over to the plastic caps but I guess 13 years is a little too long to keep these fresh. :o)

Day 4 Prompt
Interactive Journal by Cynthia Scher
This Time Next Year - 365 Days of Exploration

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would have more confidence.  I did one.  I grew up very quiet and shy, then starting working as a Tour Guide that really forced me out of my shell.  I learn to fight for what is right, be aggressive when needed to be, and to talk to anyone very easily.  Then I had a really bad experience back when I was about 25 that really changed my life and I have not been able to get back that "Don't Mess With Me" attitude I once had.

Do something Creative today!

Stampin' Up!

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