Thursday, February 11, 2016

Still Cleaning

Items Looking For A New Home

Well, I am still cleaning and sorting.  I have been calling local senior centers and schools to try to donate the stuff I just don't think will be worth trying to sell.  Mostly paper punches, they are heavy and the shipping would cost more than what I would want to sell these for.

 and then there is the paper.  SO MUCH PAPER!  I could drown in it all.  I am pulling out every paper pad I have and going through them all, page by page.  If I see a piece of paper I really love, I am pulling that page out.  If not they are going in the donate pile. Right now I am up to 37 12 x 12 pads of scrapbook paper I am looking for a new home for.  And 3 large boxes of loose 12x12 paper.  My paper cabinets are starting to look rather bare, but that is fine with me.  If I know I will never use it, It is time to get rid of it. 

 ETSY Store in Now Open

I am up to 67 stamp sets I have listed on my Etsy Store if you are looking for any bargains. This is very time consuming, though.  I am only up to the "O's" and still have a lot more to list. 

 I am happy to say I made my first sale, though. Yah!!  Thank you ladies for checking out the shop.  There are definitely great deals to be found and the listing will continue until I have listed everything I think is worth trying to sell.  With all the stuff I have, this may take the next month to get everything posted.  But here is the link again for you.    Etsy Shop SharonsScraps

I am hoping to start blogging on a daily basis again.  So I will give you an update as to what is going on since 2013.  The last time I really did any blogging. 

I am currently working from home and loving it.  I am cleaning out my scraproom to make room for my new adventure.
New Adventure

 I have been a long time fan of Stampin' Up! products and, obviously, a long time customer.  Right now they are having their biggest event of the year. Sale-A-Bration.  It is when you can get lots of free products with purchase.  I have always love this sale and end up spending way more money then I should. 

Well, Since I am not getting a weekly paycheck anymore, I could not afford to go shopping.  So instead, I talked to my Rep and decided to join!  This is not only a great time for bargains but it is the best time to sign up, too.  I was able to sign up for the low price of just $99.  This is a pretty good deal in itself.  But with it being Sale-A-Bration the deals get better. I was able to put together my own starter kit (better for me since I already owned so much product) and then I got a bonus of ordering any extra $30 in product for free!  The retail value of everything I ordered came up to $180 but worked into the $155 price range with the deals and bundles going on right now.  Then Stampin Up includes another $59 worth of business supplies to get my off to a great start.  All in all, $239 in product and supplies and I think my cost was about $110 (the shipping was free but there was tax added)  Awesome, right? 
So if anyone out there is thinking about a new start up business, contact me and we can do this together.  This deal only lasts during the Sale-A-Bration event, so If you are thinking about it at all, do it now.  Even if you do not want to commit to it, you still get a discount on your own purchases as an Independent Demonstrator.  Here is the link to my website Stampin Up  So that is my latest new.

My Little Gardening Spot

I am still into my vegetable gardening.  This time of year there isn't much going on with that, though.  I do have my seed catalogs and am getting ready to order for my starter seeds.  My darling hubby laughs as he looks out our window to the snow in the year.  "Why are you looking at plants now?" It the time to start planning.


I did the DASH diet last year.  Not that I really wanted to but my Doctor called and gave me a bit of a scare with my Cholesterol levels.  He told me to start the DASH diet right away.  He gave me no information on it.  I had never even heard of it, but I googled it, researched it, called Barnes and Nobles about a book on it, read the book, all in that one day when the doctor called me.  So The very next day  was doing DASH.  I will summarize very briefly...
Shop the outside perimeter of your grocery store and eat nothing from the middle aisles EVER. 
That is it in a nutshell.  Oh, there are lots of nuts on this plan, too.  Eat whole, natural foods, Lowfat dairy, lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and fresh fruit and add nuts to your daily diet.  For the first 2 weeks you are cleaning out your system from sugars and carbs so for these 2 weeks, no bread or fruit at all. 
I did this and did very well with it from February 23 (the day I got the call) right up to the last day of school (June 20 or so)  I thought the bread would be so hard, but that was easy.  It was the No Fruit for 2 weeks that was killing me.  I did not realize how much I loved fruit.  I could not even eat a raisin!  But I survived and while on this plan I felt great, had more energy and even lost 24 pounds.  I really can't give a good reason why I stopped other than it was summer and I was out of work so I got lazy and stopped planning my daily meals and snacks. 

Since June I think I have gained every pound back and an at the point of trying it again.  The first 2 weeks are what is holding me back.  2 weeks of no fruit, again?  Can I do it?  I know I can, I just have to take that first step and take it one day at a time. 

Online Classes

If I did not have enough going on, I am still working on my online classes I signed up for.  I am a student at Penn Foster and The Travel Institute.  I already have an associated degree in Travel & Tourism.  But that was many years ago and the travel industry has changed so much since them.  Cell phones for one thing, computer search engines,   travel conglomerates (like Travelocity)  that promise to give you the best deals in airfare and hotels, etc...  So I am taking refreshers in the travel industry.  When I got my degree, people went to agencies for everything, airline tickets, Disney packages, honeymoon destinations, etc... Now people can do most of this on their own from their phones. So the industry is changing to keep up with the times.  Now agencies are gearing towards specialty travel.  Cruises, Volunteerism, Eco travel, etc  My classes are going slowly but I am enjoying them.  When I finish,  I get tested and then will be certified as a Travel Agent.  I can do this as a home travel agency or go job hunting for a job.  I don't know what I plan to do with this but you are never to old to learn new tricks.

One last thing,  as long as I am on this road of new things, I will be adding a daily prompt from a new interactive journal I just picked up.  It is called This Time Next Year - 365 Days of Exploration, by Cynthia Scher
It should have started with The first of the year but since I just found it, I will be starting on February 11, 2016
Today's Prompt:
About You
1. How you present yourself to others can reveal a lot.  Fill in the blanks as if you were at a party.  Hint, Consider whether you want to answer truthfully, whimsically, etc.
Your Name: I am Sharon Marie McDonald
The story behind your name:  My mother heard it and liked it, I later researched it to find it is a Hebrew name meaning the plains of Egypt
Your Nickname: I do not have one now, growing up my oldest brother called me Sara
The Story behind your nickname: He said he did not like Sharon, I was fine with it, he was my favorite brother out of four brothers,  he could have called me anything
Your Secret Name/the name you wish you had:  I was happy with my name.  I did like the name Elizabeth, I gave it to my daughter as a middle name.
The story behind that:  I don' t remember where I first heard the name Elizabeth, I just always liked it
You are a ... (quick - what pops into your mind?) Great Organizer, I like to post tips about organizing craft supplies
The most important thing anyone should know about you is: I am kind, sensitive, shy
You are passionate about: my craft supplies.

Now if you would like to follow along either pick up this book or follow along with my prompts.

Have a great day.


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