Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Have you ever read a book that was too good to finish?

Every night before falling asleep I look forward to reading just a page or two of my latest book. I don't want rush it. I want to savor every paragraph, every line, every word... I have been reading this series since the first one came out 18 years ago. the year I got married. Outlander by Diane Gabaldon. The love story of Claire and Jamie Fraser. There was a new book a year for the first 3, This was great. I was newly married, no children yet. these boosk were wonderful! Then the next books started getting more spread out over time. The 4th book Drums of Autumn didn't come out until my 2nd child was a year old. Book 5, "The Fiery Cross" when my oldest was in first grade. It took 4 years before Breath of Snow ans Ashes came out. Now this, Book # 7 is here. Echo in the Bone It was on sale in late September, if I remember correctly. I was probably one of the first to hold it in my hands. Who knows when the next will come out, if there even is a next book. 18 years to find out how the love story ends. I don't want it to end. Maybe it wont but in the meantime I am enjoying the story. This isn't even one of Ms Gabaldon's better told stories. It is cluttered with the lives of everyone else they know but there are glimpes of Jamie and Claire. Enough of them to keep the curiosity going. I had to buy this book twice just so I could keep it with me everywhere I go. I have the big heavy hardcopy and I bought the Kindle version so I can read it even in the 5 minutes I have to spare at my kids' events. I may only be halfway though and already feel sad that this book will end. I hope everyone finds a story that is just so good they never want it to end.

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