Thursday, August 30, 2012

SSS August 30 Tool Time

Your Pen is today's Tool.  Or rather, your pens, copics, markers, colored pencils etc...

You have heard the line "The Pen is mightier Than the Sword"?  Well, we may not get that deep with this challenge but using your pens can definitely add to your project.

By adding a little or a lot to a page you can draw emphasis to what is important on the page.

Stitching may not seem like much but it will draw the eye to what you have stitched around if the stitching stands out enough. 

The layout I am using for this example is from another challenge I did this past winter.  The challenge was something totally different.   I think it was to think about a crush you had when you were a teen, and scrap about it.

The only way I could think to do this best was to make a page look like a teenagers' bulletin board in her room with photos of her crush clipped to the board and then hand drawn doodling around it like a girl would do on her notebooks.

I think this draws the whole page together very well. 

Also included in this layout was a piece of cork for my bulletin board, a piece of notebook paper for the typed journaling, and a miniature photo copy of my actual notebook entry.

The entry tells of how I had dinner with Charles Martin Smith, he was in Niagara Falls filming a movie with John Travolta, and how I came so close to meeting my idol. (he was not feeling well the next day and even though I did get to see him, I did not get to meet him in person)

So today use your pens for something other than just journaling.  Add some doodling, stitching, draw some flowers, whatever you would like on your project today.

Scrap from your stash.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SSS August 29 Story Time

Today's story is to tell a story about changes in your life.  You can decide to do this several ways.  Comparing you from a certain time and now.  Of if you went through a drastic change at some point.  Moved across the country, got divorced, quit a job you had for what felt like forever.  You decide what you would like to put into your scrapbook. Tell a story of what has changed and how it effects you.

Mine is kind of a Hopes and Dreams layout.

 The left side of the layout is writing what I thought my life would be like or, at least back then what I had hoped it would be like.
The right side of the tells about what my life really is like today.  It may not have turned out the way I had expected but it is a great life and I feel blessed every day!

So tell your story today.

Scrap from you stash.  (This page went together very quickly because it was using a class project i had done at a store somewhere and never added any photos or journaling so it make for a quick page today)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SSS August 28 Technique Tuesday

CASE it today’s technique challenge.


Find a card or layout idea that you like and totally Copy And Steal Everything you like about it.
My sample is below.  First I must apologize to the original designer of this card.  They deserve credit for coming up with  the idea but I did not make note of their name.  I am so sorry!!! So, if you are reading this and designed this card, thank you.  I love your idea so much I just had to case it.

I saw this card last week when I was cutting tons of ideas from old magazines.  There was a stamp I kept seeing in the card magazines.  I thought it was the cutest little stamp and even though I do not have the exact same stamp I did find one in my stash I could use.  It is the little comfy looking chair in these cards.

 This is the clipping I cut from an older Papercrafts magazine. This shows the front of the card and the inside.

 And here is what I came up with.  It isn't the exact same chair but it was the closest I had.

And here is the inside of my card.  I used up little pieces of scrap paper, otherwise I would have made a bunch of these cards.  I think they are so cute. 

So CASE something today, and if possible give credit to the original designer, they deserve that much.  It is definitely a compliment to want to copy some one's work.

Have fun and scrap from your stash.

I may not be able to post for the next 2 days.  I am going away on a little mini vaca and I do not think my DH will let me bring the laptop this time.  he has no clue how to use it, but the last time I took it he called in a panic, "Honey, I needed to do some work on it while you were gone!" 

So i will try to post but if I cannot I will play catch up when I get back.

Happy Scrapping!


Monday, August 27, 2012

SSS August 27 Moody Monday

I know what I want for my prompt today but I am having the hardest time trying to find photos for what I wanted to do today.

Mondays are Moody Mondays so what I wanted for today's prompt is this...

Have you ever had one of those moments when things just did not go as planned.  Maybe you planned a beautiful picnic for the day and just got to the park and set up you lunch goodies when the skies opened up and decided to rain on your parade?

Or you got your daughter all dressed up for her first day of school and while you were getting ready she decided to have some chocolate pudding she found in the frig and now its all over her pretty dress?

There is group I am in about organizing and there is a member there that is dealing with the TERRIBLE TWOS with her son.  She sends the group photos of his latest adventures.  As upsetting as they can be for her, I love to hear the stories of what he has done this week.  These stories usual involve permanent inks or new markers she just bought or something else that has to do with her precious scrapping supplies.

I think back to my own children when they hit this same stage of curiosity.  It was before I started scrapbooking so I never thought to go grab a camera but we certainly had our moments.  I remember waking up one morning to hearing soft little sounds in the kitchen.  My 2 year old son had either decided to make himself breakfast or to clean out the refrigerator for us.  Either way, the whole contents of what he could reach in our refrigerator was on the kitchen floor.  He emptied every liquid container so that meant milk, orange juice, pancake syrup, ketchup, I can't remember what else, was puddled on the floor around him.  I also remember pieces of bologna stuck to the floor and the walls. The lower shelved in our refrigerator were completely empty. When I walked in on him he had the biggest smile on his face.  He still was not talking, yet, but he looked so pleased with himself and just so happy like he was doing us a favor.  When I walked on the kitchen tiles you could actually hear a squish sound from all the milk and other liquids that seeped under the tiles.

I never thought to go grab a camera.  But this is a memory that will never be lost even without the photos to document it.

So this morning I have been searching through boxes of photos to find some kind of mishap that I did decide to capture on film.  So far no luck.

Even though I can't find the photos for today's prompt,  this is the Challenge I am posting.  Scrap about something that did not go quite as planned.  Even if you do not have a photo to go with it, tell the story.  Someday you will be able to laugh about it and you will be glad you put it down in writing.

Scrap from your Stash.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

SSS August 26 Family Day

We talked about family vacations and vacations away from the family.  Now I am adding a twist.  A family vacation but use something in one of your photos as an embellishment on your layout. 

A t-shirt one of the kids is wearing, a sign in the background, maybe even some pebbles on the ground in a photo.  Try to duplicate the image someway and add it as an embellishment in a vacation layout.

Mine is from a vacation we took years ago.  I loved the pedora hats my husband and son bought while we were at a beach in St Maarten.  So I cut out a hat on my Wishblade, made it open like a card and used it not only as an embellishment but I wrote my journaling inside the hat.

See how creative you can get with something in one of your vacation photos.

Scrap From Your Stash.


SSS August 25 Theme Day

Sorry. I had this prompt typed up and scheduled to post yesterday.  I didn't hit the save button though so it never did post.  So today there will be two Challenges.

August 25th already.  Summer is picking up speed and coming to an end too quickly.  Only 9 days left to the Summer Scrap From Your Stash Challenge.  I hope everyone is enjoying this.

Today is Saturday so that means Theme Day.  Today's theme is Food/ Cooking

Scrap about a favorite food or about cooking.  Do you like to cook. Do you have a chef in the family or a baker?  What is each family members' favorite meal?  Anything to do with food or cooking is today's challenge.

My sample is talking about my daughter, the budding Pastry Chef in our family.  I really do not know where she gets it from.  I still can't boil water with out setting off the smoke detector.  She is taking her second year of Culinary at High School and wants to go on to college to learn how to run a bakery.  This layout is from photos of a college Open House we attended last March.

I was trying to be careful cutting my background paper.  I love this line.  It says never trust a skinny chef.  It is kind of a joke in our family.  My daughter wants to be a chef but she doesn't like to eat.  Go Figure!

Scrap from your stash.


Friday, August 24, 2012

SSS August 24 Color Challenge Day

It is Friday so time for another color challenge.

Very soft colors today.

Pale Pink, Cream and Lavender.

When I see soft colors I think babies. 

This is a photo I took when my niece was born.  I printed it as large as I could and simply added some stickers and her name in puffy 3-D glossy sticker letters.  the pale pink plaid was a scrap I had so I cut it in half and used it on the top and bottom of the page.

See what you can come up with using these nice soft colors.  A card, a scrapbook page, any project at all.

Scrap from your Stash.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

SSS August 23 Tool Time

Thursdays are Tool Time.  What is your favorite tool to use for card making or scrapbooking?  Do you use it for every page, once in a while.  Get creative and use your favorite tool today in a project.

My sample is a Class Sample I use when I teach the Cricut Expression.  Sorry for no photos but I like to just show off the cuts.  Everything from the background to the little circles in the center of the flowers was cut on a Cricut.  I love how easy this machine is to use.

What is your favorite tool.  Get creative and make something with it today.

Scrap from your Stash


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magazine Clipping update

I am still working on clipping out ideas from older magazines so I can toss them and stop letting all these magazines take up so much precious storage space on my shelves.  I spent 2 hours going through the pile I had in yesterdays' blog post.  Well, this morning I searched the rest of the house and gathered up another pile just as big as yesterdays.

So another couple of hours this morning, but not any many things torn out this time.  So I have a pile of torn pages.  Next step is to go back and trim them down to just the photos or ideas I liked and then slip them into page protectors for use later. 

Here are my new binders I plan on putting all these clippings in.

Some of these binders are already full, My Michaels, SDU and Cricut binders are used for classes I teach at Michaels, the binders on the left are online classes I downloaded and have not taken the time to go through, yet.

From Christmas Ideas  to Magazine Clippings are what I am working on now.  I recycled the kids old school binders for my needs.  I do not know why they feel the need for new binders each year when these are still in "Like New" condition but I find new uses for them.

Back to working on my clippings.


SSS August 22 Story Time

Wednesdays ate Story Time. I think this is my favorite prompt of the week. I like thinking about the stories in my families lives. I hope the stories I convey in my scrapbooks mean more to my kids then even the photos do.

Today's Prompt.... Volunteer work

Have you or anyone if your family ever done volunteer work? Maybe help out at an animal shelter, food cupboard, homeless shelter? Or even faithfully help out an elderly neighbor. What good deeds have happened with the assistance of a family member.

Journal about that today.

My prompt is about being a Scout Leader for both my daughter's Daisy through Junior Girl Scouting days, and my son's Den Leader for 2 years.

I guessed on the year of this photo as being 2003 but I will have to go back to my old calendars and see if this is correct. I just typed it in quickly to finish this layout. If I found out it was the year before or after I may re-do my journaling.

As far as yesterday's Progress...

This is the before and after photos of the stack of magazines I went through yesterday. It took over 2 hours to go through them all but what a difference. the saves pages take up less space then one whome magazine. So worth the time.

Today, I may go sit out side and trim out the photos and add them to my binder system into sections for what I like about each photo.
Have fun with today's prompt and scrap from your stash.

Happy Scrapping.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SSS August 21 Technique Tuesday

I have been on a purging frenzy lately.  Lots of cleaning and re-organizing.  With this said, today's prompt is an Organizing one...

Technique Tuesday Prompt - Idea Storage.  How to do you keep track of ideas you see or come up with for card or layout projects?

Michelle mentioned yesterday that she keeps a sketch book with her where ever she goes so if she has a few minutes to spare she can be thinking of layout ideas and put them down on paper. 

I like to cut out photos from magazines and store them in notebooks, binders, my Smash book, where every I feel is the best place for them.

 These are composition notebooks that I first started using to store ideas.

then I went to binders and page protectors, this method was easier to update.  If an idea got old and out of date I could just pull it out of the page protector.  But they are still a little mish-mashed and not in any real type of order.

Now I am re-thinking this and wish I had a better system so I can find the ideas I want to use.  So today's challenge it to share what system you use for storing ideas.

For me I wish I had put all my ideas into page protectors then into binders so I could have everything in categories or themes,  All sport page ideas together, all technique ideas together, all product reviews together, etc.  Mine are scattered between different books.

So today I am going through this big pile of magazines in this photo, and cutting out the ideas i like and then tossing the magazines.  I will sort the photos I cut into categories so I can actually find them when I need them.

Today's challenge is to work on Card/Layout Ideas, how to store them,  if you already have a system that works for you , please share it, explain what you do and how this method is working for you.



Time to Clean my Scrapping Supplies

Yesterday while walking around the Goodwill store I saw the cutest little set of drawers being rolled out of the back room.  The guy didn't even get it off the 2-wheeler when I saw the price and asked if if that was just for the glass top or the whole thing. He said it was the whole thing.

Another gentleman came right over while I was looking at this and asked if I would mind if he looked at it as well.  I said yes but I let him know I was strongly considering on getting it. 

Long story short...He was an antique dealer and showed me all the little details that made this a quality piece of furniture.  He valued it at $250 - $300. I got it for $11.99.

I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it but knew my DH would not be happy about me bringing it home so I knew I had to find a pace for it and get it all set up before he got home.  I spent the next 4 hours cleaning, purging, running up and down my cellar stairs.  I totally revamped my storage area in the hallway just outside my scrap room.  In order to get this piece to fit I had to move both bookshelves down about 10 inches.  Of course both book shelves were loaded with books, supplies, albums, photos, etc.. Everything had to be taking out because the shelves were just too heavy to move with the supplies on them.

Time to do a major purge.  I cannot believe how many books I still had from 10 years ago that I actually thought I would still use.  I filled a trash barrel with them.  And made lots of space o my shelves.

I cleared away enough space to move all the school supplies I had tucked away if different boxes and drawers. They now sit on the shelves to the kids can see what we have and shop from there rather telling me what they want me to go buy for them.

I I did not do anything different to this area other than remove any school supplies I had stored here and then dusted and polished.

 This was in my post for yesterday.  Again I didn't do anything different other than remove school supplies I had stored here.  the pile on the top shelf are the magazines I decided to keep.  I am going to go through this today.

 This is a front view of my die cut center.  Nothing new other than cleaning and polishing

 Here is where the majority of yesterday's work took place.  I had to slide the two bookshelves down 10 inches to make room for the set of drawers in the front.  So I took everything off and went through it all to decide do I Keep It? Toss It? Donate It?  I am thrilled that I actually have some empty shelf space now.  It won't take long to fill it up with something, but it is clean for now.

 Here is my new School Supply Storage.  There are enough notebooks, filler paper, pens, index cards, erasers, glue sticks, etc.. for a whole classroom of kids.

 And here is the new piece I got yesterday.  It is valued at between $250 - $300 and I bought of for $11.99 leaving with $2 for now but I am happy with my new purchase.

Oh, and I was concerned with what my DH would say.  He actually likes the piece, it reminds him of a piece of furniture his mother had in her bedroom so he likes it and says it looks way better than the plastic storage drawers I did have sitting there. And he is thrilled I did NOT pay $300 for it.

To get everything cleaned up and moved I walked 10,0034 steps, walked up 14 flights of stairs, burned over 3,000 calories. And felt better after having an upsetting Doctor's appointment .

 These two photos are all that is left to organize, This is a pile of 12 x12 paper that was in different kits and boxes, I tossed the boxes and will sort this into my paper supplies.
And these are the magazines and idea books I decided not to throw away.  I am going to go through these and cut out the photos and ideas I like and store them.  Which brings me up to today's SSS Challenge.

Go on to the next blog post for today's challenge...


When Life gives You Lemons

Yesterday was Moody Monday.  My Summer Scrap Your Stash prompt was getting things done when you only have 5 minutes to spare.  If I had typed in my prompt after seeing my doctor yesterday it would have been more in the theme of Moody Monday.

I didn't get great news and it put me in a funk for the rest of the day.  Anyone that has been following my blog since I started it will know I have severe sinus and asthma issues.  Months can go by without any symptoms and I can actually forget I have any problems, then they flair up for whatever reason and the simple task of trying to get air in and out of my lungs leaves me physically and emotional exhausted.

Well, this has been a pretty good year, as far as symptoms go.  I am doing everything right, getting my 4 allergy shots every month, a big improvement from a year ago when was getting the four shots twice every week.  TI am taking my daily medicines for both asthma and allergies, etc...

But, I have seen my doctor 3 times this summer.  Summer is usually my best time of year.  He is concerned that I have been there already when my worst season is just around the corner (late August - early November)

The swelling in my sinuses that I saw him for 2 weeks ago, have not gone away.  It has improved but not gone away.  Still getting headaches nearly every day.  He will not give me any more steroids because that isn't good for me either.  I have to start taking two different allergy meds and keep taking everything else I am already on. 

The worst part is he says I may be a candidate for the sinus surgery, AGAIN.  I have had this 4 times.  The surgery is relatively easy and quick.  The recovery of it is extremely painful and leaves me totally useless to my family for the first two weeks.  I really can't go through this again.  Every time I have had this surgery I tell myself afterward.  No, never again.  It is just too painful to deal with.

So he said the best way to fight it is too do everything I am supposed to be doing every day.  Do not miss a day even if I feel good.  Keep getting my shots and he will see me in 6 months unless I feel like it is getting worse instead of better.  Then he looked me in the eyes and said "Do not be afraid to call me. If you need it, you need it.  Don't let it get so bad that it is harder for me to help you!"

So I left the office, cried a little and on the way to the drug store for more meds, I let myself get side tracked.  Instead of going to CVS, I went into the Goodwill store.  Lately this has been my favorite place to shop. Actually it is the place I can afford to shop at for now.  While walking around the back doors opened and a guy wheeled out a very pretty little set of drawers. 

My first reaction was my scrap room could use this....

Continued on the next blog Post...


Monday, August 20, 2012

SSS August 20 Moody Monday

What do you do if you only have a few minutes to spare to get something done.  Do you have a plan or just forget it until you have more time? 

Today's Prompt is - 5 Minute Projects

You may think "I can't get anything done that quickly!?"

Well, if you plan well, you just might be able to.  This morning I had to make lunches, find football pads, fill out football paperwork, wake both of the guys up and get them out so my son can make it to practice on time, at 7:15 this morning.  My husband is bringing him to school to grab his equipment, then dropping him off at the field and coming back home to finish getting ready for work.

That gave me 5 minute to be creative and now I am typing my prompt...

Here is what I do when i only have a few minutes...

 See these plastic Iris Clam boxes.  Each one has a project in it.  It may be for a themed book I am working on or just a few layouts I started but if I don't have time to finish it, I put everything in its own box for each project,  when I have a few minutes I grab a box and see what I can do.  the smaller one in the front is my Smash book supplies.

 This has all the cute little things they sold to go with these books along with other stuff I threw in myself.  I keep it all together for quick pages
 This is my smash box and some of the stuff I have thrown in this box. It is very handy even if I go away somewhere and know I will have some time to play, I can grab the box and take it with me.

 This morning I opened the box and just laid down some cut out flower letters I had in the box.  I love the flowers in the letters but never seem to find the right photo to go with it.  There are a pinkish purple, not a color I am fond of, so this morning i tried to use these again with a pool photo.  No, they don't work so i will tuck them back in the box for another day.

So I pulled out another box I threw together while my DH was away.  I had some paper I was very tempted to get rid of.  Instead I matched it with sold paper, cut all the paper up into pieces and made a Card Kit Box.  I threw in some ink pads, ribbons, 2 stamp sets and a few tools.  Again, another box I can grab when i only have a few minutes to spare. 
 I also have some card bases, my stamp cleaner and some scotch tape (a must have for added ribbons to cards quickly)

These are 2 cards I made in a matter of just minutes this morning.  Very simple but now I a couple of extra cards on hand if I need them.

So what do you do if you only have a few minutes to spare.  Whip together a project and see if you like the results.  I tend to like these quick projects better then the ones I spend hours on.  I am forced to use what is in my box rather then digging through all my supplies so I must be as creative as I can with what ever is in my project boxes.

Have fun I with today's prompt and work with what is in your stash.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

SSS August 19 Family Day

Getting Away from the Family

This may sound strange, but today's prompt is things you do away from the family.

Does anyone if your family take separate vacations?  I used to go to about 4 Scrapping events a year.  Usually three of them would be closer to home, that i could drive to and then I would go on one big one that I would have to fly somewhere to get to it.  Twice I flew to Salt Lake City for conventions, one with Close To My Heart, and once with Memory works, I Traveled to Orlando Florida for a Stampin' Up! convention and West Palm Beach for a Scrapbooking Expo.  My dream is to attend a CHA event one of these years. 

The past few years we have really had to tightly the belt and I have been able to go to 2 a year but driving distance only.  Still, I love these little mini vacations, even if am going all by myself, which most of the time I do.  Even with my big beautiful scrapping room at home, I get so much more accomplished when I am away from home and even though I always come home exhausted and need a day or two to recover from lack of sleep, I just love these get-aways.

My husband, only goes away once a year with about 40 or 50 guys.  They all travel by boats From Winthrop, MA to Provincetown in Mid-August.  They dock their boats next to each other and have a wild 3 day party, of drinking, telling stories and watching all the craziness that goes on during these three days down at the tip of Cape Cod.  He always comes home complaining about something,  I could not sleep with all the guys snoring!  These two guys argued the whole time we were there!  etc... It is always the same thing, but I know he complains for my benefit only.  He doesn't want me to think he is having too good of a time without me. But I know he loves these trips and looks forward to them every year.  If he did not enjoy it so much he would not have kept going for the past  10 summers.

So today's prompt is to scrap about one such event.  Did you go away somewhere?  Did someone else in the family?  Maybe you can scrap about the first time a child went away with out you?  A week at summer camp?  Tagged along with a friends' family vacation?  Whatever you would like to scrap about today.

I am not sure what I will decide for my own topic today. But this is our challenge for today.

Scrap from Your stash.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Healthier Me?

My councilor called me this morning and gave me a well needed Pep Talk. 

I have not been having very good Jenny Craig days these last 2 days.  The scale said I was up 3 lbs!!! My husband is away and I miss him. Not only is he away but he decided to add an extra day to his annual pilgrimage this year so instead of being home on Friday like he usually is, he will be coming home later this afternoon.  With him not here I do not sleep.  Last night, or rather this morning, I slept for maybe 3 hours at the most.   I am sleep deprived and woke up just generally feeling down on myself and everything around me.  I even deleted my facebook account last night.  Went through the whole things and deleted all my friends, deleted the companies I was following, everything.  I am already regretting that.  I may not go on it very often but it was nice to see updates on what people were doing.  It is all gone now.

Well, Colleen. my councilor at Jenny Craig, knows what I need to hear when I get down like this and after talking to her I am feeling a little better this morning.  I got my butt out of bed, took a shower, did some sit-ups, used my weighted Hula Hoop and now I am working on getting the house nice and clean for when my hubby gets home later today.  Fresh sheets on the beds, laundry getting caught up, straightening out the living room, time to tackle the disaster known at the kitchen.

I think we are the only family in the whole world that only uses thier kitchen table to drop all the clutter from the day.  It is never clean enough for the whole family to sit down and eat a meal at it together.  I think maybe Thanksgiving is the only time it all gets cleared off.  Well, this is my next task I am taking on today.  I want to see the entire top of my kitchen table again.

I am wearing my pedometer thingamajig and hopefully I will be adding lots of steps to my day today.

Tuesday is my next weigh in and I have 3 1/2 days to get back on track and lose those 3 lbs my scale is screaming at me about.  Time to get moving.

Happy Healthy Habits forming a day at a time.

SSS August 18 Theme Day

Saturday's are Theme days.  Today's theme is...

Fun & Games

This is a rather wide interpretation. So you can make it whatever you like.  It could be a day at the zoo, a game you like to play, or maybe you to play a joke on anyone?  Did you have a favorite toy?

My sample is a combination of :

A Favorite Kids' Movie - Toy Story

A Toy - Toy Soldiers

A favorite destination - Hollywood Studios


Being Silly - the kids pretending to be soldiers

It is a very simple layout but it used up things I had.

I only had 2 photos but I really liked the photos, to make the layout I used some of my oldest paper i had.  that white with green lines in the background.  I think I got this paper when I first started scrapping, it was some of the first I had found in 12 x 12 sizes, but I really didn't like it so it has been sitting in my "green section" for about 14 years.  Finally I found a use for it.  The brighter green was in with my scraps. 

The Hollywood Studios logo and the small photo on the bottom left I downloaded from the Internet from the Hollywood studios site online, just because I needed a little more to complete the page.

Then I cut out the toy soldiers.  I didn't have a second sheet of the same dark green paper so if you turned this layout around you would see I cut the middle out of my background green so i could use the same color to cut the figures out.  I cut them out using my Wishblade.  This really is an awesome tool.  I thank Michelle, again, for talking me out of getting rid of it.  Loving it!

Scrap From Your Stash.

I hope you have been using up lots of the supplies you already have.  I am very proud to say I have only bought 3 scrapping items all summer...

a plastic t-square ruler (to replace the one I broke)

a CROPPED kit from Above Rubies for an upcoming Online scrapping weekend in September, (this was a birthday present to myself in July) It was $55 dollars for the box of supplies and entry into the Online Weekend Scrappers Challenges and classes.  Way cheaper than the cost of going to a weekend crop.


I splurged and bought a $9.99 Mystery box from My Craft Channel. (this had at least $80 worth of product in it, some I may not use but other items I loved)

So remember to use of what you have.  At some point you spent good money on it with the intention of scrapping it, why let it just sit there in your supplies.  Dust if off and get it on a card or layout today.

Happy scrapping


Friday, August 17, 2012

SSS August 17 Color Challenge

Friday's are always a Color Challenge.  How about taking color out things for today.  Black and White.  How creative can you get using just black and white today.  For your photos or your embellishments.  Make a card or a layout using just black and white. Is this easy for you or a real challenge.
Scrap from your stash and have fun with it.

I always loved this photo.  when my daughter was 8 she found a bunch of photos of the two of us and made a 12x12 scrapbook page that I had hung on the wall for years.  a few months ago, I accidentally knocked the frame off my wall and broke the glass.  this is one of the photos from the frame.  I copied in in black and white and this is what i came up with this morning.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Healthy New Lifestyle

Here is the update on my new healthier living.  Not so good. LOL

I did have my 2nd weigh in and I am down 9.5 pounds. Ya! But, I could not afford any food this week due to money issues so I am stretching the meals I still have in my freezer.  With this said, I got home and went on a munchies frenzy.  Now you would think after having a good loss this week it should have been easier to stay on track.  But nothing I ate that day satisfied me.  I was looking for something else to eat about every 30 - 45 minutes.  I was making healthy choices for most of the day.  I even steamed a bag of green beans and ate the whole bag to fill me up but a little while later I was off looking for more.  I finally crashed and made toast, lots of toast.  5 slices of toast at 70 calories per slice and then added bruchetta on top (about 30 calories in total for that) but the bread did me in.  350 calories worth of bread!  What was I thinking.  It must have been what I was craving because that finish the food binge for the day.

Yesterday, to make up for my bad eating day, I had my son re-connect the Wii game system and besides doing my regular routine of exercise I did 10 songs on one of the Just Dance games.  I am not co-ordinated at all so I do not get these moves done the same time the dancer on the screen does them, so my score was nothing to brag about but I was moving Big Time and dripping with sweat by the time I was done.  The kids are not allowed in the room when I do this because I am even worse at it when I have an audience.

Then I went through my scrap room and did a major purge, again.  I filled two of the large outdoor trash barrels with scrapping stuff I have not used in the last 2 years.  I probably could have tried listing some things on E-Bay but the time it takes to photograph and write a description of every little thing, and then add in the time it takes of boxing and shipping everything, I just felt like tossing instead.  Plus the 20 or so trips I made up and down the cellar stairs to get the to barrels out back was extra exercise for the day.

Yesterday was much better Jenny Craig day.  Lets see how today goes.

Here's to Healthy Habits!


SSS August 16 Tool Time

What tool do you use for cutting out circles?  Do you use punches, your cricut, circle scissors, or one of my tools I keep in my crop bag?  A Coluzzle?  I love this tool, it is versatile but I love that it takes very little space in my tote bag, so instead of bringing a bunch of punches that are heavy and take up a lot more space, this can be tucked in and not even realize it is there.

My sample is a using the coluzzle to cut out some circle rims for background.  I cut one out to border my paper embellishment.

 If you are unfamiliar with what a Coluzzle is, this is what it looks like still in the package.  It is thin plastic with slots to slide a small swivel blade around.  There are many different sizes of these, but I am not sure they are even still sold.  I have had mine for at least 10 or 12 years, now.

So your challenge today is to use whatever tool you use for cutting circles.  Use it on a card or layout today.

Scrap from your stash.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SSS August 15 Story Time

Wednesday is time to work on journaling.  Time to tell a story.  We already did a page on our earliest memories, we did one on school memories, what about a story about one of your parents or grandparents.  Think about someone that is no longer with you.  And journal a story about them.

My sample is a funny story involving my mother.  She been gone nearly 10 years now but the silly things I remember will stay with me forever!

The journaling talks about a Road Trip we took with my mother, sister, a friend and myself.  We stopped at the little country store for a few minutes and got back in the car to continue on our way.  We drove a good distance before anyone noticed the booklets our mom was looking at.  My sister asked her where she got all the little books?  "Oh, they were sitting on the counter at that shop, aren't they wonderful?  You bought those?  No, they were out there for people to take. I don't think so" 

Sure enough they all had price tags on the back.  My mother so innocently thought they were for free.  We were too far out of the way to return now, but we told our Mom her picture was on the wall of that store and she would never be allowed to return.

Happy Scrapping and scrap with what you have.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SSS August 14 Technique Tuesday

Have you ever tried something you bought and it just does not work the way you were hoping.  I am not necessarily talking about tools but maybe a piece of background paper, where the image on the paper is in the wrong place.   Maybe you bought a package of stickers letters for one particular project and the color was just one shade off? What about your stamps.  A great image but too small or too large for what you had in mind.

Today's prompt is to alter something to make it work.  for stamped images, an easy fix is to stamp in a nice clear crisp ink, and the enlarge or reduce it on a copy machine or your scanner.  Background papers that don't quite work? You can fancy cut the image you like and move it where it would work better for your layout.  Sticker letters can always be painted or altered with sandpaper.

My sample today is totally non-scrapping related but shows how you can take the time to fix anything.

As some of you may have been reading, I signed up for Jenny Craig and today is my 2nd weigh-in.  I had a great first week (over 5 lbs lost) and I am nervous today's scale will not be as generous.  One of the things I have found I NEED to do to stay on track is to write down what I eat.  I am big on keeping a daily day planner.  Over the years I have tried just about every maker of Day Planner books out there: Franklin Covey, MomAgenda, along with other brands I can't remember.  All these have things i liked and things I did not.  So for at least the last 5 years i have been designing my own pages and printing them out on my computer and making my own daily planner.

I never did find a good Food and Exercise planner so my sample today is incorporating both of these types of journals to suit my needs.

When something does not work, alter it to suit your needs.

Like i said, my sample today is not scrapping related but it could be.  At one point I had added a section in my journal for "Scrapping Ideas"  I had a space for a 2 page 12x12 layout sketch and some lines underneath to add notes.  I found I was not using this part on a daily basis so there was no need to have this section on my daily pages.

So I altered it again.

 This first photo is what I have been using for this summer.  On the left pages are the Date, Weather, What I am Grateful for. To Do List, Meals for the Day, Medicine and Water log, Expense Sheet and Shopping List.
the right side is more for notes.  It starts with my Blog Post for the Day, and then their are sections for each member of my family so I do not forget appointments, practices, meetings, etc.

These pages have worked for me for a while.

Now that I am trying Jenny Craig and want to keep better track of what I am eating I altered my pages to show this. 

The new pages are geared more for logging my food and weekly weigh ins.  I still have What I am Grateful For, To Do List, my meals are more detailed and I added a larger section for an Exercise Log and then added a section called Reflections.  I changed my 2 page a day spread to 1 page a day.  I know once I go back to work and the kids go back to school I will have to go back to the 2 pages a day to keep track of all the daily craziness, but for the remainder of the summer I really want to stay focused on my healthier lifestyle.

I know my sample for the day is not scrapping related but I wanted to share how you can alter anything to make it work for your needs.

Monday, August 13, 2012

SSS August 13 Moody Monday

Moods can fluctuate daily, sometime even hourly.  Is there someone in your family you can describe as "moody"?  In our family there was.  She has outgrown her mood swings, Thanks Goodness! but for years she ruled the house with her highs and lows. 

Today's challenge is to scrap about someone in the family that can be "Living Out Load" sorta speak. 

I added a journaling tag behind the whole that read.

Kelly, there are days that I do not know how we survived.  You were feisty, demanding, and had a temper to boot.  For some reason, those tougher days did not inspire me to grab my camera and record how your brother would run from a room you were in,  screaming "Stay Clear of the Baby!"

It was the days that you would shine like the brightest sun, hence my nickname for you, "My Sunshine" that would make up for it.  Your personality got the best of us some days but you could make us smile and even giggle just as quickly with your crazy antics and adventures. You have mellowed with age, but I hope you never loose that sense of    This is who I am and I'm not changing for anyone!

This sample is another page kit from If this looks familiar, It has been posted on my blog in the past.  I only had the little lines of journaling on the bottom left corner. I pulled it out again to add more of the story of my daughter's personality.  There was nowhere to add another journaling block so I tucked it behind the owl.

Scrap from your stash.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Healthier LifeStyle starting week two

It is getting a little easier as I go.  I was at a family cookout yesterday and was not tempted to go "off-plan" so I know if I can handle doing Jenny Craig in that kind of situation then I will have success this time around.  Even with all the tempting cookies, cakes, cheesecake bars, etc...I was able to say no and not even feel like I was missing out on anything.

I stepped on the scale before going and I had lost another 1.1 lbs since my JC weigh in.  6.9 for my total so far.  So I am not going to ruin that!

Still doing the same routine for my workouts.  I need to start thinking about adding more to it.  I have increased the time I spend on each.  Yesterday I even added in a game of Frisbee.

A tip I am learning about my meals...Stop thinking like I am running through a drive-through and inhaling them on the run.  Sit, savour, relax, enjoy, make time to acknowledge to myself that I am having my lunch.  Set a place at the table with a side salad and a glass of ice water. This is so much more pleasant then what I have done at least twice this week, which is standing in front of the microwave and shoveling my lunch or dinner in so I can rush off to do something else. 

Friday was my worst for doing this.  I was running back and forth to the Laundromat and inhaled my lunch in between trips, and then as I was heading to my work shift (4:45 - 8:15) I decided I could not go that long without my dinner so I popped a JC meal in the microwave and ate it standing there right in front of my microwave before heading out the door. 

Eating that quickly I felt like I had not eaten at all.  Then my 9 PM my stomach was grumbling to no end and I would have eaten pizza, McDonald's, anything at that point.  My husband and I had gone out and with me being absolutely ravenous, I ordered a cup of brothed based soup.  That only confirmed how hungry I was so I literally studied the menu for what other healthy item I could devour.  I so wanted a plated of sauteed veggies or even steamed but the Veg Of The Day was corn.  Not the best choice. So I ended up ordering a Turkey sandwich  on wheat Hold the fries. It was extra calories so I ended the day over my CC for the day.

Lesson Learned - Take time to enjoy your meals, acknowledge that you are eating healthy, don't rush through them.

Slow but Steady Wins the Race.

Time to start a new day.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

SSS August 12 Family Day

Today my daughter turns Sweet Sixteen.  So the challenge is to scrap about a girl in your family.  It could be a daughter, granddaughter, a niece, sister, your mother, any female person.

Make it as feminine as you can.  Go Girly!

As I mentioned in the past, my daughter is far from the "girly-girl" type, no glittter, no bling, she is starting to like pink but would rather be in her converse and gym shorts. So I am going to push the limits to what I can do for a page for her today.

In the meantime I will share a layout I did of my Granddaughter.  This is a re-post from my blog.

The photo was taken a year ago and is one of my favorite photos of my Madi and have scrapped it a few times. 

This whole layout is just using paper, glue, glitter, and my Copics for coloring the flowers.

Go Feminine today and dig through your stash.

SSS August 11 Theme Day

Another Theme day.  Animals today.  Any animals other than a pet.  Or at least not your pet.  We did a pet page already.  How about an animal you saw at the zoo, a local farm, in your garden, any animal at all.

Make a card using animals, or scrap a layout about an animal.

Mine is about the large turtle at the NE Aquarium.  We went last year and I loved the pictures i got but still have not done anything with them. So I pulled them out this morning.  I have my design all worked out I just need to find a better piece of background paper. As you can see I have my photos matted, my journaling done, It just needs something more so I will give it one last tweak and add the finished photo.

OK, I tried a few diffferent papers and this is what I went with.  While I was adhering everything done, my saon walked out of his bedroom, looked at me and said "Mom, you have been a Scrapping Machine this summer."  Ya, me!  I am thrilled I am getting some scrapping done.

 Dig through your stash and see what you can use today.
Happy Scrapping.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Today's Color Challenge

Ok, here is my sample. the photos are really old, like 22 years old but I had to dig deep to find a way to use my least favorite crafting color.
 I used a piece of Purple Bazzill cardstock, I stamped the background using a Sizzix flower stamp in purple ink, I added some stickles to the stamped flowers and then cut hibiscus flowers with the Cricut's Life's a Beach cartridge, added some purple ink to the edges of the flowers, popped the flowers up with foam dots and done. The photo of me is really fuzzy. It was a very small picture to begin with I needed a larger focal photo so put it on the scanner to enlarge it and it came out super grainy, I wish we had digital cameras way back then.
Happy Scrapping!

SSS August 10 Color Challenge Day

Happy Friday everyone,

Anyone else watch the Patriots game lat night.  Rather discouraging.  Hope they can get their act together before the next game. 

Friday is Color Challenge day.  I have not done a sample, yet.  So I am really going to challenge myself today.  The color i use the least in all things, cards, scrapping, everythng is purple.  So i am challenging everyone to use some purple today.  You can match it with any other color you would like but make sure purple is in there somewhere.

Once I wake up  a little more I will put something together and re-post my sample.  So pull our items from your stash, get out your purple cardtsock, or ink pads, or markers, and even your paints and get creative. 

Happy Scrapping


Thursday, August 9, 2012

SSS August 9 Tool Time

What tool should we use today?  How about your scissors?  Everyone knows I am not a big fan of using scissors.  Hey, that is why I have 6 different die cutting machines, just so I don't have to cut out any shapes ever with scissors.  But, this is your tool challenge for today.  Use your scissors to do some fancy cutting.  Cut around the flowers of your background paper or maybe something in a photo to make it stand out more.

My sample is from the New England Patriot's Training Camp held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on Tuesday.

The final results came to be this because I tried to do a digital layout.  I do not know why I even try but I tried this type of scrapping again and it would have been a failed attempt but I decided to keep what printed and do some adjustments.

I think the print would have worked out fine if my printer was not running out of ink so I got lines going across my page.  I could have started over again but I liked the layout, I just needed to adjust the photos.

So I was simply going to re-print the photos on good quality photo paper and cover the bad printing, but I decided to leave the background the way it was and silhouette cut each of the football players and then pop them up with some foam adhesive.

Here is a close up of how they look popped up.

As much as I dislike using scissors this was worth the time.  Tomorrow I will add a second page to this with my journaling.

So pull out your scissors and do some fancy cutting on your card or layout today.

Scrap from your Stash.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Healthier Lifestyle update

Sinus issues aside.  I think my first 6 days on Jenny Craig have gone really well.  The first day was tough.  I was obsessed with thinking about food all day.  But after that first day it has gotten much better.  I am exercising every day.  Not much but I am using my weighted hula hoop, my little 5 lb weights and my Ab chair.
I know I should have moved the ugly mirror in the background.  This was a huge mirror that was over our fireplace but my DH ripped it off the wall, taking some of the plaster with it, to put up his big 52 inch TV, so the mirror sits tucked up against the wall forgotten except for the patches of plaster that still cling to it.

It isn't much but it is a start and I have not missed a day, yet, of my little workout routine.  Some days I add more, like swimming or walking or bowling but these three things i am doing every day.

 Yesterday I got weighed in and in only 5 days I have lost 5.8 lbs!!! Ya for me!

I still have some tweeking to do ith my daily plan.  I am not drinking nearly the amount of water that I should be and I should be adding one more serviing of dairy but I am happy with my progress, so far.

Now on to another day of keeping of the healthy choices.