Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More medical issues!!!

Yikes, It feels like I finally get one problem solved and something else starts acting up. On the plus side, I have lost almost 16 lbs, but I have pain every single day. So my plus side has its sacrifices, too.

Yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary. I got the joy of spending at the doctor's office getting another ultrasound done. That was fun.

On to more cheerful things....

I am LOVING my job at Michaels Arts % Crafts!!! I taught a class last night to two wonderful ladies that make me feel so great. I hope they are enjoying this four week class as much as I am.

I hosted a Crop Night last weekend, but only had one cropper, I am hoping more people will become aware of our $5.00 Crop days and start coming on a monthly basis.

The school year has started and the kids are back to their daily routines. Timm with football practice every day. Kelly is loving her teachers this year which makes it a great year for her.

Pick up her uniform for Culinary classes and I wanted to cry. My little girls looks like she is about 25 dressed in her uniform.

She wants to sign up for Cake decorating classes again at Michaels. They start in mid October. I will have to wait to see if I am going to be getting scheduled for surgery or not. Once my doctor ever decided to return my phone call.