Monday, February 28, 2011

I thought I was done

It is Monday afternoon. I was so excited yesterday morning. I actually thought I was done with my scraproom. I purged tons of stuff to good causes or the trash. I went through every sheets of paper, every sticker, every embellishment...

Everything in tucked away in its own proper place. I can actually sit back relax and maybe even scrapbook a little...


I must have set off the cleaning bug, because my darling husband decided to clean out the back corner of the basement. You know the one I am talking about. Everyone has one. That far off side of the basement that turns into a No Man's Land. Once things get stored there you never expect to see them again?

Well, that was the part my husband decided to attack yesterday. My nice clean scraproom turned into the dumping ground for all kinds of boxes and containers I had forgotten about that were full to the top with either scrapping supplies or craft supplies from my many years of being a Daisy / Brownie / Junior / Girl Scout troop Leader.

I thought I was done sorting. Now where am I going to put all this stuff?!! I started sorting, AGAIN, last night. And should be down there now doing more sorting. Luckily the pre-school I work at will benefit from all the craft stuff I am finding, paint brushes, fun foam, glue, crayons, construction paper, etc.

My sister always jokes that I should sign up for Scrap Shopping anonmys. Now after spending all this time sorting and trying to organize, I think she may be right.

I did get some really good news today. For months now I have been trying to find a location to run a monthly scrapbook group. Today I have comfirmed space. A local church is renting their hall to me the first Saturday of every month. Yes!!! I am so excited about this. The space is beautiful, spacious, has bathrooms close by, a kitchen we can use, plenty of parking. Now I just need to start getting the word out and start building up a group of scrappers.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to Re-Organize

This week we are off for school vacation week. I was planning on spending the whole week on re-organizing my workshop but due to stomach bugs and colds working their way through the whole family, the week is half over and today was the first day i really put any effort into it.

If you were to look at my room now you would say it looks terrible. That is because it does. I did manage to clear off two work counters, a whole storage shelf and a bunch of storage boxes I had not opened in years. But the contents of what I cleared out are spread all over the rest of my room right now.

I did fill a 30 gallon trash barrel, I also donated a rubbermaid storage container filled with supplies to a local high school scrapbooking group, and I put away some still useful things I could use for classes in the future.

Now I have to come up with storage ideas for the things I do want to keep. Plus I still have another quarter of my room to go through. It feels totally overwhelming, but I know I will love it when I am through.

The toughest part is when I find something I had forgotten I even had. Ideas start going though my head and I want to sit down and create. Which if I keep doing this, I will never get through this project. I am hoping to get one more full day of pulling stuff out, purging, donating, and boxing up. Then, over the weekend, I hope to re-organize my whole system of storage and being able to start playing.

The big goal I am aiming for is to have everything that I use most often within the reachable areas from where I sit. Then the things I use less frequently can get stored on the other side of my workshop. I am amazed at how much stuff I still have from when I first starting scrapping over 10 years ago. Boy, have styles and products changed.

I tried to add a video but it did not work. Sorry.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been buying Jetmax storage cubes from Michaels Craft store, I grabbed a narrow desk from the close out section at IKEA and a new counter top from IKEA, as well. The rest of the furniture in the room I already had. It is all from IKEA.

I will take some photos when it is complete.