Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to Re-Organize

This week we are off for school vacation week. I was planning on spending the whole week on re-organizing my workshop but due to stomach bugs and colds working their way through the whole family, the week is half over and today was the first day i really put any effort into it.

If you were to look at my room now you would say it looks terrible. That is because it does. I did manage to clear off two work counters, a whole storage shelf and a bunch of storage boxes I had not opened in years. But the contents of what I cleared out are spread all over the rest of my room right now.

I did fill a 30 gallon trash barrel, I also donated a rubbermaid storage container filled with supplies to a local high school scrapbooking group, and I put away some still useful things I could use for classes in the future.

Now I have to come up with storage ideas for the things I do want to keep. Plus I still have another quarter of my room to go through. It feels totally overwhelming, but I know I will love it when I am through.

The toughest part is when I find something I had forgotten I even had. Ideas start going though my head and I want to sit down and create. Which if I keep doing this, I will never get through this project. I am hoping to get one more full day of pulling stuff out, purging, donating, and boxing up. Then, over the weekend, I hope to re-organize my whole system of storage and being able to start playing.

The big goal I am aiming for is to have everything that I use most often within the reachable areas from where I sit. Then the things I use less frequently can get stored on the other side of my workshop. I am amazed at how much stuff I still have from when I first starting scrapping over 10 years ago. Boy, have styles and products changed.

I tried to add a video but it did not work. Sorry.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been buying Jetmax storage cubes from Michaels Craft store, I grabbed a narrow desk from the close out section at IKEA and a new counter top from IKEA, as well. The rest of the furniture in the room I already had. It is all from IKEA.

I will take some photos when it is complete.

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