Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SSS July 31 Technique Tuesday

Simple Prompt Today...

Color Blocking

Nice easy challenge for today.  If you are not sure what this means?  Simply use blocks of color on your card or layout today.  Color mats, or blocks of color for your background, or make a mosaic with squares from photos or paper. Any way you wan to work this prompt is fine.

for my sample I went through my scraps of paper and cut pieces in 3 x 3 squares.  Then I cut my photos 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 and matted them onto the color blocks.  A quick easy layout.

Scrap from your Stash.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Flower Arrangements

I have never been one to be able to put colors together.  At least not without the help of a color wheel so one thing I gave up on a long time ago was trying to put together my own flower arrangements. 

My son has been bringing home these beautiful arrangements lately from weddings he has worked (he works for a catering company) Usually they are the center pieces that have been left behind after the guest all left. So they are the perfect size to put on tables around the house.  I have been getting spoiled with having fresh flowers.

Well, last night he went a little overboard.  He brought home the main wedding table arrangement.  This thing was Ginormous!  I would have loved to have seen my husband's face when he was picking my son up from work last night and saw him coming out carrying this huge bouquet.  The nice thing was what he said when he got home.  He pulled two flowers out and handed then to me and said he loved me.  Then he turned to his sister and said the rest were for her since she was not feeling well.  How sweet is that!!!  Sweetness between the siblings is a seldom occurrence in this household (they are 17 and 16). Scrapping moment!

This photos does not even come close to showing just how beautiful this was.  It covered my whole coffee table that is about 3 feet wide and 4 feet long.  There must have been around 3 dozen roses and everything was so well done.  

But this is a little too big to sit in my living room so this morning I had another go at Flower Arranging.  The hard work was already done since a professional florist already put the colors together.  I broke this down to 6 arrangements to put around my house.

 These are 2 vases I have on my coffee table now.

 This is sitting on my kitchen floor in the photo but this went into my daughter's room.

 Some to pretty up the bathroom.

 This is my favorite one.

 And 2 for my scraproom. One by my TV and the other sitting on my desk.

 This photo is blurry but this was another quick one with the leftover roses.  There were so many in the huge arrangement.

And pink is my favorite color so I was thrilled to spread these around the house.

SSS July 30 Moody Monday

For Moody Monday our prompt today is to use another product or tool we bought at some point and then decided we did not like it. I know we have used this prompt before but everyone has things they had gotten at one point or another and said to themselves "what was I thinking?"

So pull out one of those items you didn't like and try using it again. Do you have a distressing tool and then decided you did not like the distressed look?  Do you have tons of buttons and do now do not like the look of them on your pages? Did you go out and buy the ribbon cutter by Imagince and decide that was a waste of money?  What do you have that is not getting used.  Try it again today.

I did just that with what I thought was a great bargain. I bought a bunch of these self-adhesive border strips for $1.00 each.  I loved the details of them and the fact that they already had adhesive on them.

 I loved the details of them, they even had Disney ones, and the fact that they already had adhesive on them.
 They are made by Queen  & Co and I  think I got them at Michael's a few years ago.
 See the Adhesive sticker paper on the back.
Well, this ended up being what turned me off of these sticker strips.  the adhesive does not come off easily.  The first and only time I ever tried to use these (other then for today's challenge) I was putting a 12 inch strip along the bottom of 2 pages.  The adhesive is very sticky and I did not want to handle it too much with my fingers so not to take away the stickiness.  I tried with a pair of tweezers, the tip of my scissors, then my fingers and it took about 20 minutes on each strip to get the backing off.  Then I had to try to smooth down all the little curls that had gotten mangled during the process.  Then try laying this along my layout without messing it up again.

I finished the layout and did like the look but this took WAY to much effort and told myself I would never use these again.  So my wonderful bargain I bought way back when has sat in my storage racks ever sense.

So this morning I pulled them out again.  I do not have the patience to peel off the whole 12 inches so I found a new use for them.  I made these little 3 x 5 cards and just added a little strip of the border to the bottom.

So now i may go back and use up the rest of these that have been just sitting around collecting dust.

Try to find a new use for something you have had for a while.

Happy Scrapping


Sunday, July 29, 2012

SSS July 29 Family Day

Sunday is always Family Day.  Yesterday's challenge was to work on a family friendly activity. 

Today you can scrap anything about family.  Is yours a young family with every still home or have your children grown and spread themselves across the country? 

You can scrap another activity you like to do together or maybe scrap about how you came up with the names you gave your children or even your pets.  Appreciate your family today and scrap a page about them today.

My sample is a page about my stepson's last few hours before flying home to Florida.  We were out in the sun all day, then stopped for a bite to eat and everyone was exhausted as we drove back to our house. The chipboard letters in the title have to be about 6 or 7 years old.  I bought them with the intention on using them for some of my daughter's toddler pages but then never quite worked.  Along with some paper scraps and a little bling this is my finished page for today.

There are still 5 weeks to go in our Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge.  I hope everyone is enjoying these daily prompts.  There is very little posting about them. 

I am getting pages done, at least, and shopping through my own supplies rather then the local stores so I am accomplishing what I set out to do when I started this challenge.

Happy Scrapping everyone.  If you have questions about this challenge you can email me at sharonscraps@aol.com


Saturday, July 28, 2012

SSS July 28 Theme Day

This looks like the start of a great weekend.  Or at least I hope so.  Today's is Theme Day.

The prompt is . . .   Family Friendly Activities.

Anything you do fun together as a family.  It can be indoors or outdoors.  Do you have a weekly Movie or Game night?  Do you garden together?  Like to go hiking? Work on puzzles together?  Make a project involving something you like to do together.

My sample is using another page kit.  It seems I have been using these a lot lately but this one I have been excited about since I bought it over 2 years ago but then we never found the chance to go, so the kit sat waiting to be put to good use. 

Well, my granddaughter was up visiting from Florida this past weekend and we played Mini Golf.  So I finally got to dust off this page kit and play with it.

My granddaughter had never played before and my stepson had to give her a few pointers.  She played the first 3 holes with the family. I got lots of photos of them playing together. 

Then she grew impatient and went off and finished the other 15 holes on her own with Gigi trailing along.  She actually got a couple of holes with only 2 tries and 1 Hole in One (with the help of gravity).  I could not get photos of her by herself because I was in charge of holding her Piglet stuffed animal along with everyone else's drinks, purses, etc... But it was a fun day for all of us.

This page kit is from www.outonalimbscrapbooking.com

Have fun scrapping today and work on using up some of your stash.


Friday, July 27, 2012

SSS July 27 Color Challenge

Today's Colors Are:   Cream, Brown and Blue

While scrapping yesterday I was looking for some paper pads and found a card kit I had won at CKC this past April.  It amazes me that I have so much stuff that I can forget things like this when I get home from these events. I was only there for one day and did no shopping but put my name into the daily door prize and forgotten I had won this awesome kit.  I started to assemble the pieces yesterday.

Has anyone ever gotten a card kit from Close To My Heart.  I have never made cards the way they show to do them.  First you take out all the 12 x 12 cardstock and background paper, and cut it all up into different sizes that will be used later.  All the measurements are there right down to little 1x1 squares.

Then once you have little piles of paper cut up, the next step is to stamp all your images, so you find the right size pieces and stamp them with the stamp pad and ink that comes in the kit, there are color photos in the instructions to show you exactly what you are stamping.

This is as far as I got with the kit yesterday, but it feel strange making cards in this assembly line kind of way.

The kit comes with card bases and envelopes, 2 pieces of heavy cardstock, and 4 pieces of background paper in 2 different designs. a full D size stamp set (these retails for about 22.50, I think), 2 small inchie ink pads in Dutch Blue and Chocolate, and a bag full of embellishments.  I have not gone through this bag, yet but I can see ribbon, ribbon slides, and all kinds of other little goodies to complete these card, and full instruction booklet.

As you can tell by my color challenge today, the kit is all in cream, blue and brown, along with green, so I am challenging myself to finish these cards today and show you how they come out.

Update:  I spent the morning working on these cards.  The next step was to ink all the edges of everything that was already cut up or stamped. There is a sponge included in the kit but I prefer using my Tim Holtz ink applicator.  As you can see in the photo i use this one just for distressing. Half is for brown in and the other is for black ink.  I have a complete set of these I use for individual colors meaning i have one for all shades reds, one for greens, one for yellows, etc but this one I keep in my cropping crate just for my blacks and browns.

Once all the edges were inked it was time to assemble.




The kit made a total of 16 cards with included envelopes.  2 each of the 8 cards above.  What a great kit!  I can so see myself doing this all over again with my own papers in yellows, reds, and oranges.
You project can be a card, layout, anything you feel like working in today.

Work with what you have and happy scrapping.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

SSS July 26 Tool Time

Bling makes me happy.

So today's tool is whatever tool you use to add bling to your project.  Bling can be anything shiny. I love the little glittery stickers that already have adhesive and are strung together in florishes, but I also like to use glittery embossing powder (heat gun), glitter itself (liquid glue), sparkly brads, (paper piercer and brad setter) etc...

So lets add a little shine to our projects today and your tool of choice to put it together.

I have my scrapping supplies out and plan to work on scrapping all day today, since yesterday was a working day for me.  I will add another post later today to show all I get done.

Happy Scrapping!

A Page in Time

My heart goes out to all the families that have been touched by the terrible shooting in Colorado.  When the news first started reaching us here, I was in such disbelief.  Who would think it was dangerous to go to the movies?  My first thought, even though we are not in Colorado, was that my son was asking to go to the midnight showing of Batman here in MA and I would not let him.  How many other Mom's are right now thinking "why did I let him/her go?" 

Hearing more about the incident, how the shooter had been planning this for months, buying so much ammunition to start a mini war, Why did he bother with the body gear?  Did he think he would walk away from this and live a normal life? 

Hearing about the young lives of the victims,  the long road of recovery for people in the hospitals, the stories and dreams of lives cut down so short.

We should not live in fear of going to school or to a movie theater or anywhere for that matter. 

Live every day as it may be your last...

Do what you want to do every chance you get...

Dance like no one is watching you...

Sing out loud if this makes you happy...

Tell the people you love how special they are every day...

Do not be afraid to do the things you love.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SSS July 25 Story Time

Sorry for being late posting today.  I was expecting breakfast in bed with lots of flowers and surprises from my family for my birthday today.  (I have such an imagination!)

Instead, This is how my morning went..

Woken up by someone knocking on the front door
Rushed out of bed to not only throw some clothes on but to make lunches not just for my DH but also for my DS and his two friends that are going to work with Dad today. 

Along with this list of things to do for my DH...

"Once you are awake enough can you
Type up these forms,
Update the Profit and Loss Report for the business,
Find last years Tax Returns,
Meet with the accountant today,
Type up a Home Owners Inspection report and fax it to the customer early this morning, she is waiting for it
Email the other forms once you get them up to date to the accountant, etc...
Oh, ya Happy Birthday Sweetie"

Not exactly how I would like to be spending my birthday but birthdays do not seem to mean  anything around this house any more.  That is a little sad.

So even though today is Story Time,

The prompt is this...

What is the best Birthday you have every had?

I am combining yesterday's prompt of using something non-scrapping related with today's prompt of a great birthday and here is my sample.

5 years ago, when my husband's business was doing much better, I asked for a scooter for my birthday. My DH could not figure out why i wanted one. On cruises I was too afraid to drive one myself but he took me looking. We found a very inexpensive one and he did his typical finagling with the sales man to get the price even lower and here it is. I have to admit i was scared to death to drive it for the first time and would not go further than just around the block for the first 2 weeks of owning it but now this is how I get around town. I LOVE my scooter and have since added a trunk to it so i can have more storage space. The only thing missing is a cup holder. The kids loved it when I first got it but now are embarrassed when they see me pull up on my scooter. I keep teasing them that I will show up at Football or Basketball practice to pick them up on my scooter. o)
This is a close up of my non-scrapping object.  This is the inside of a soda can. I cut the can open, then  I stamped a flower on it, cut around the stamped image and using a stylus, I embossed the lines of the flower .  I wanted the silver accents to go with my journaling that i typed up on vellum and embossed in silver embossing powder.  I could not find silver accents so resorted to using a soda can.

What can you say about your favorite birthday?

Work from you stash and have a great day.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SSS July 24 Technique Tuesday

Today's technique is to use something non-scrapping related.  For your project today, add something you that you have that is a found object.

It could be something from

nature - a leaf,

a place - an arcade token,

a restaurant - a menu, napkin, book of matches

or what about, a hospital wristband, a twig, a seed packet, etc...

Anything that you did not buy from a scrapbooking store.

If you are worried about it being acid free you can put your object in a biggie or layer it from your layout with cardstock, but add something non-scrapping to your project today.

My stepson and granddaughter left last night after nearly a 3 1/2 hours delay on their flight (a 9:05 PM flight that did not leave until 12:35 this morning and then waiting for the call that they arrived safely at 3:56 this morning) So I am a little tired.  I will add my sample as soon as a get a little more sleep and can work on it.

But this is your challenge.  Have fun, get creative and work with found items in your stash.

Happy Scrapping!


Monday, July 23, 2012

SSS July 23 Moody Monday

What is your favorite embellishment to use?  What is your Go-To thing that you tend to use the most often when creating?  Do you always use circle punches, do you love ribbon, maybe it is tags, whatever it is...

Use it today in your project.  I am thinking about this myself and nothing jumps out at me.  I will have to go flipping through some of my pages and see what I tend to use the most on my layouts.

(I am flipping through an album on my desk right now)

I know when I am in a rut and can't get my mojo flowing to be creative, this is when I go through the page kits I have.  I suppose that would be it for me then, my favorite thing to use would be page kits.  I have at least 50 different kits from www.outonalimbscrapbooking.com

I stopped looking at their site just because I still have so many kits to use before I think about getting any more.

Here is one of my favorite layouts I did using their kits.

The photos are from a cruise we took years ago.  This kit was perfect to show off the photos.

Use your favorite product today in a card or layout, and use up some of your stash.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

SSS July 22 Family Day

Sunday is Family Day.  Today scrap or make a card about a man in your life.  A husband, son, uncle, neighbor, you male pet, etc...

Make it as masculine as you can.

My sample is a card I made for the UPS guy.  He is super and always goes out of his way to make sure I get my packages safely and in great condition.  I see him so seldom these days. (using up my stash instead of shopping) One day he even stopped at my house just to check on me because he could not believe how much time had gone by without making a delivery to my house.  What a guy!

So here is the card I made for him.

the card is a little more 3D then if looks in the photo.  I stamped him on dark brown paper then cut out the uniform and layered it on the card. and I stamped the boxes on Kraft paper and used foam dots to pop them up a little.

Use your stash up today and make a card or layout for a man in your life.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

SSS July 21 Theme Day

Today is Theme day and today's theme is CRAFTS.

If you are reading this you are either a scrapbooker or card maker.  Maybe you like other crafts as well. Pottery, needlepoint, knitting, jewelry making, etc..

Today's project should highlight any hobby you enjoy.

Mine is definitely scrapbooking.  I think about it all the time so this is my page.

 (Plus I love this picture of me looking skinny" The picture is old, around 2008 or 2009 I was at a Button Farm weekend class and a lot lighter than I am now. I should put this photo on my fridge for motivation to get this thin again. LOL)  This page is my starter page for the 10 things about me album I had forgotten I had.

Scrap or make a card about your craft.


Friday, July 20, 2012

SSS July 20 Color challenge


I thought this day would never arrive.  My stepson and granddaughter are coming up for a short three day visit.  I have not seen my GD since last summer and told my DS he can do whatever her wants this weekend but my GD is all mine for the weekend!  She is almost 4 and this will only be the 5th time I have been able to visit with her.  Not enough!  I do not like that they live so far away.

Anyway, on to the Color Challenge for today. Our colors today are in the warm tones, Orange, Yellow, Red.  You do not have to use all three but stay in this range.  Just typing these colors makes me think of candlelight, campfires, sunsets, etc.  What does it make you think of?

Use these colors in a card or layout today.

My samples today are from a old blog post.  I will work on  a project today using these colors but wanted to share a few photos of how I have used these colors before.

The whole reasoning behind using these color for these projects was because I had just gotten a SU order delivered and was excite to open it up and put everything in its proper place, when I realized I had ordered Tangerine Tango cardstock when I already had it.  Well, I knew I had the perfect paper pad to go with this paper I knew it had Mango in the name and knew it had oranges and reds and yellows but I could not find it anywhere. I tore my room apart because I knew I had this very large 12x12 pad that would go perfect with this color cardstock.  Concluding that I must have left it behind at a crop or something I went to Michael's bought the pad again and pulled out a few sheets to use for these cards and then noticed the "missing pad" was tucked in with my cutting mats. Augh!   So all the more reason to use these colors since I had so much now.

These are photos of a post it note holder. I used the Tangerine Tango cardstock and the owl is the new Owl punch, both from Stampin Up! I know this needs something more. I need to stamp something next to the owl, I just don't know what, yet.

This is another post it note holder but I got these monogram post-its at Micheal's. $1.00 for two note pads. Again Tangerine Tango the stamp set for the monogram is Lovely Letters by SU. I added a little glue and some SU dazzling diamonds

These are small little 3 x 3 cards again using the Tangerine Tango and Sweet and Sour DSP. The stamp set for this was Forest Friends.

And lastly a card I made using the same owl punch And a border punch from Stampin Up! along with using up some more Tangerine Tango cardstock and Sweet and Sour DSP also from SU.

What can you come it with using these colors.  It doesn't have to be a layout, any project will do.

Go through you Stash and see what you can use.

Happy Friday


Thursday, July 19, 2012

SSS July 19 Tool Time

OK , yesterday's prompt was way too heavy.  Today is a quick easy one everyone should be able to jump onto quickly.
Tool time.  I will leave the particular tool up to you. What tool do you use for matting? Do you use your paper trimmer, Perfect Layers, CM Cutting system, Coluzzles, ...
Whatever system or tool you use for matting.  Make a card or layout using mats today.

I made my layout without printing the photos yet.  and I had intended this layout to be for my daughter's snowboarding photo, but after putting the photo down, my choice of colors do not do work the way I was hoping. 

 So I changed the photo out with one of my son and think the colors work better with his photo.

There is now journaling because I am doing a whole album about this mini vacation weekend so the journaling is on other pages. 

My double mats were made using a two different Martha Stewart PATP punch, that I added the MS snowflake punches on the side as well.
Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SSS July 18 Story Time

Wednesday means time to get some journaling in your scrapbook.  Today's prompt is...

The person that made the strongest impact on you... This could be for good or in a bad way.  Someone that effected you enough that it somehow molded you into the person you are today. 

Maybe it was a sports player that made you follow you own dream of playing college basketball...

Maybe it was an aunt or uncle that loved to travel and took you on some trips and gave you the love of adventure...

Maybe it was a boy that loved cars and got you hooked to NASCAR (Joyce, that was for you, ha ha)

What if it was not a good thing, but something bad in your life that changed the way you feel about yourself?

This was a photo of me back then. 

My kids know my story.  It happened a long time ago, (23 years, 2 month, 0 days ago) typing this my eyes are watering up just thinking about it. It is not a happy story but it definitely changed my whole life, my very personality, and I have scrapped about this several times because I don't want it to happen to anyone else.  I recently did a layout about this event and cannot find that page so this is the original story I did.  Sometimes it is just as important to scrap the  bad as well as the good.

These are 8 1/2 x 11 pages in my old "Before Marriage" album,  As you can see it was an extensive story to tell.  Basically the story is about how I met and fell in love with someone, he turned out to be very abusive.  I got out, but not before he brutally beat me to a pulp and nearly killed me.  I had to go into hiding after that happened. I had to leave my job, my family, my friends because he would not stop trying to find me.

To this day I still have a fear in me that I cannot get over.  I will never drive through the town he lives in if fear I might see him. I can't sleep at night if my husband isn't home because I still hear footsteps when I am alone.

See, I told you it wasn't a nice story but it definitely molded the person I am to this day.

 One thing is... I will share this story with anyone. and scream from the rooftops,  If you are uncomfortable in any situation GET OUT, do not wait to see what is going to happen, do not try to talk yourself out of a bad situation.  Just get your self out of there!  Any NEVER ever blame yourself.  No one deserved to be abused either physically OR emotional.

Do you have a story to tell? 

Sometimes it can bring back bad memories like just typing up this blog has me crying again, but I know telling this story to me kids, they will have learned my lesson and it will be in their minds before they put themselves into a bad situation.

Hopefully, your influence was in a good way and that is still worth typing up an getting in your scrapbook.

Work from your stash.
Happy scrapping