Monday, July 16, 2012

SSS July 16 Moody Monday

Good Morning,

Today is Moody Monday and the prompt is to use something you bought and then later decided you did not like.  It can be a tool, a type of embellishment, or even a type of paper that when you saw it at the store you just had to have it.  then you got it home and tried using it and it just didn't do what you wanted to, or it didn't give you the look you were expecting.

Today's challenge is to find that item and try using it in a project or layout today.

I can give a list of the things I had to have and then got rid of...

Memory Makers Tag Maker
Deco Scissors
Plastic Templates (the original ones from 14 years ago of paper dolls or shapes that you traced and then cut out with scissors) I love the newer templates out now.
Coluzzle Alphabet templates (I love the shape ones but the alphabets always gave me a hard time)
Eyelets!!! (Disliked this so much you could tear my scraproom apart today and I doubt you could even find one of these)
Original eyelets setters, the metal posts and the little hammers. I don't miss that sound at a crop
Slide frames, for some reason I had these in every color made but I do not think I ever used a single one
Foam Stamps, too messy
Metal ringed vellum tags.  Another thing I thought I would love and have lots of but don not remember ever using one on a project
Fastenator- this I won as a prize at a crop and never liked
Alphabet stickers - Some of you may gasp at this one but for some reason I very seldom use stickers for my titles, I generally print something off my computer or cut something with my electronic diecutters.
Stazon Ink pads - The first time I used one I stained my acrylic block so bad I cannot see through it anymore and do not use these ink pads anymore.
Creatopia: this was a biggie.  I got a great deal on it but it is a still piece of crap, Sorry Xyron, but it is.  The only thing that is does do well is add adhesive to things including fabric but I wanted it for all the other things it was hyped up about, cutting embossing, diecutting.  Don't waste your money.
Sizzix Alphabet dies - The thin sizzlet ones.  I still have and still use the thicker original one but I never liked the thin ones but that wasn't until after I bought 15 different sets of them.  These were the days before Cricut came out and I didn't like stickers so felt a need to buy every alphabet die I could find then still didn't use them

If I went digging through my storage drawers I could come up with a longer list, but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, for today's challenge I do not have any of these things I did not like.  When I re-organized my scraproom I had a Major Purge Session going on and sold what I thought I could on E-Bay and what I didn't sell I donated to the local Middle and High Schools for their Arts & Crafts programs.  I literally got rid of about 15 large bags of paper, tools, embellishments etc The old adage One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure.  My scraproom is still stuffed to the gills so I am sure I can come up with something for today's challenge.

What can you come up with.  I know you have something in you supplies that you just do not like,...

 Oh, as I typed this I just thought of one thing I can use.

I have a basket full of mini albums that I have made either at Scrapping conventions, classes, workshops,  or even some are album kits that i liked at the time and bought.  I assembled all these different albums and then when I got them home, I either didn't like the colors, the spaces for photos were too small, didn't have the right theme, etc... Well, these have been sitting all around my scraproom for years looking all pretty but with no photos or journaling in them. 

Back around March or so, my last major cleaning I did in my scraproom, I collected all these unfinished books.  I counted them.  I have 19 mini albums with nothing in them.  Then put them in this very large basket to keep by my feet. My intention was if I looked at these every day, I would start using them.  Here it is the middle of July and I have not touched any. 

So this will be my challenge to myself today.  Pull out one of these albums and FINISH IT!

Start digging through your supplies and come up with a project using something you are not particularly fond of.  Maybe you will shed new light on something and decide it is worth keeping and using again.

Happy Scrapping.

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