Friday, July 13, 2012

My Outdoor Office

My daughter laughed at me today, when she finally woke up at around noon time.  She came out to see what I was doing. 

Each day I have been bringing more and more things outside with me so I could enjoy the warm weather.  This is what my outdoor office is looking like

I start at about 7:30 in the morning once my DH goes off to work. I make myself a cup of coffee and bring the laptop out to the gazebo.  Today I decided to bring my printer out, as well.  That ended up being a waste of time because it was out of ink.  But I was able to organize my silhouette shapes and type up my inventory of some markers and ink pads I have.

 Then I have my scraprack out here as well so I can work on my daily scrapping prompts for the Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge.  I stopped bringing this in.  Now I store it outside and have it ready to go.  I store it inside the big gazebo that zippers up so it is protected over night.  Not that I think any squirrels or racoons might be trying to get at my scrapping supplies over night.
I like my outdoor set up.  Once I get too hot I can jump in the pool for a quick swim and go back to what ever project I was working on.  The only thing missing is the Cabana boy that can bring me lunch or cold drinks.

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