Monday, July 2, 2012

A life gone too quickly

We heard some sad news this morning and it shook me up a bit.  A friend of my son drowned yesterday swimming at a pier that is very popular with the teenagers in my town.  The boy was only 18 years old and moved here from Jamaica less then a year ago.  He would have been entiring his senior year of High School with my son come September. They played on the football team together. 

The news reports state that he was not a very good swimmer and that the current must have pulled him under.  He was doing chores with his dad and some friends stopped by to ask if he wanted to go for a swim.  His Dad said OK, but told him to come back soon so they cold finish their chores.  He jumped off the peir and never came back up.  A young life gone in an instant.

My heart breaks to think about it.

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