Monday, July 30, 2012

Flower Arrangements

I have never been one to be able to put colors together.  At least not without the help of a color wheel so one thing I gave up on a long time ago was trying to put together my own flower arrangements. 

My son has been bringing home these beautiful arrangements lately from weddings he has worked (he works for a catering company) Usually they are the center pieces that have been left behind after the guest all left. So they are the perfect size to put on tables around the house.  I have been getting spoiled with having fresh flowers.

Well, last night he went a little overboard.  He brought home the main wedding table arrangement.  This thing was Ginormous!  I would have loved to have seen my husband's face when he was picking my son up from work last night and saw him coming out carrying this huge bouquet.  The nice thing was what he said when he got home.  He pulled two flowers out and handed then to me and said he loved me.  Then he turned to his sister and said the rest were for her since she was not feeling well.  How sweet is that!!!  Sweetness between the siblings is a seldom occurrence in this household (they are 17 and 16). Scrapping moment!

This photos does not even come close to showing just how beautiful this was.  It covered my whole coffee table that is about 3 feet wide and 4 feet long.  There must have been around 3 dozen roses and everything was so well done.  

But this is a little too big to sit in my living room so this morning I had another go at Flower Arranging.  The hard work was already done since a professional florist already put the colors together.  I broke this down to 6 arrangements to put around my house.

 These are 2 vases I have on my coffee table now.

 This is sitting on my kitchen floor in the photo but this went into my daughter's room.

 Some to pretty up the bathroom.

 This is my favorite one.

 And 2 for my scraproom. One by my TV and the other sitting on my desk.

 This photo is blurry but this was another quick one with the leftover roses.  There were so many in the huge arrangement.

And pink is my favorite color so I was thrilled to spread these around the house.

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