Saturday, June 30, 2012

SSS June 30 Theme Day

Today's Theme is... Outdoors

You can do any porject you would like today.  A card, 3d project, a scrapbook layout.  And the theme can be anything that takes place outside.  Camping, a picnic, a pool party, hiking, etc..

I am sharing my gardening journal for today's sample.

These are just the first few pages of my journal. As you can see it is very simple, mostly just photos and the story of my very first garden with a few stickers added.

Scrap from your stash and have some fun today.

Friday, June 29, 2012

SSS June 29 Color Challenge Friday

Good Morning. it is a color Challenge Day.
Green, Brown, Orange.
See if you can come up with a project using these three colors.
My sample is an Easter page. These are old pictures.
The color Orange makes me think of Halloween, carrots or campfires. So with the orange carrots, this is my layout for today's prompt. Thinking about it, I didn't think orange was a color I used much but since starting this challenge, this is the third layout I have used orange on. Maybe I do like orange?
This layout was made using a kit I bought at a Scrapbook Convention a long time ago.  Sorry I cannot remember the name of the company that made the kit.
Something else I am getting out of this challenge...
It is making me more away of my scrapping style.
Have fun with your project and use up some stuff from your stash.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SSS June 28 Thursday Tool Time

You may see my sample for other challenges in the future because it was meant for another prompt but I am using it for this one, as well.

Thursday is Tool Time.

Your prompt is to use a tool that will add texture to your project today. Think Embossing folders, Tearing rulers, Deco Scissors, etc...

Any tool that will add an extra dimension to your layout, card or whatever project you may be working today.

Yesterday's took so long to complete that I went very simple today.

I used Martha Stewarts' 6 blade scissors to cut my grass on the edge of the pond, I also made a template to chalk the clouds, then I typed my journaling onto a transparency.

The whole layout took less then 30 minutes to type up and glue down.

Scrap from your Stash
Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's Sample

This ended up being an all day project but I like the results.  againm I have gone out of my comfort zone.  I started with a plain piece of sherbert bazzil cardstock.  Spritz it with 4 different colors on Glimmer mist. 

Waited for that to dry. 

Mixed some of my own paint colors to make a glimmery paint, them painted about 6 or 7 different shades of sparlky paint blotched. 

Waited for that to dry.

Then decided that paint blotches were still on the dark side and did think i would be able to do my journaling on them. So pulled out the white Gesso and added blotches of this for my journaling spots.

Waited for that to dry. 

During the various drying times I was doing my daily routine and taking photos.  So also printing, cropping, matting, etc.

Still thought this was a little sparse so I got out my little white flowers and colored them with about 20 different shades of Copics, luckliy there were dry right away and I was able to glue them down. 

I thought I was done and even took photos to post when I realized I had no title.  So bad to my stash to gid through all the sticker letters.  What Color should I use? I did my journaling with a brown Copic fine tip pen so I went with brown chipboard letters.

I started this layout at 5:30 this morning and finished it at 6:60 this evening.

Hope it does not take me this long a page again for a very long time.

 A close up of my spritzing and painting and journal and copic coloring.

Happy Scrapping.  I will try for something more simpler tomorrow.

SSS June 27 Story Time Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today is Story time. Your prompt is to journal about your typical summer day. You can do it time line style:

* 5:20 am I get out of bed
* by 5:30 on my computer checking emails
* 7 am making lunch for hubby to take to work
* etc...

Or how every you would like, but remember it is Story time, you need to journal today.

I do not have a sample ready, yet. I used some of the photos I planned for this layout on others so I have to get more photos taken today. As soon as my layout is done I will post it.

Happy Scrapping

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SSS June 26 Technique Tuesday

Hi everyone,

I am still trying to figure out why my blog is not letting anyone sign up as a Follower.  Once I get an answer from Blogger I will try to fix the problem.

Today is Technique Tuesday.  Each Tuesday the challenge will be a different type of technique. It may be an old tried and true process that you love and use over and over again, or it may be something totally new to you.

I am challenging myself today, because the technique for this week will be Stamping.  I love to stamp cards but it is extremely rare for me to use stamps in my scrapbooking.  So this will be fairly new to me.  Use stamps any way you would like in your layout, a border, a title, as embellishments, on top of a photo.

Any kind of stamps, acrylic, wood mounted, cling mount, foam, or even hand made stamps.

In my example below, I used the Stampin Up set called "Things i Love" for my title and the little embellishments below it and from the Stampin Up set "Office Accoutrement" I used the "memo" stamp for my journaling.  For the rest of my title, I didn't have stamp so I printed it form the computer.

Be creative and scrap from your stash.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SSS June 25 Moody Monday

It is Moody Monday

Today's challenge is to scrap a layout about something that drives you crazy.  Anything at all.
Is it the car in front of you that is texting so you end up missing the green light?
The lady infront of you with 200 coupons when you just ran into the store to grab something quick?
Is it the teenage son that has selective hearing and only hears you when food is mentioned not the other 10 chores you asked him to do before dinner.
You get the idea. scrap a page about what drives you bonkers.  Add photos if you have them, download photos from the internet if they will better help you tell your story.
The story is the important part, what is it that sends you over the top and why does it drive you to that point.

We were at the Neil Diamind concert Saturday night in Boston. 
My "Moody Monday" example is about how when the few times hubby and I have arguements, he always manages to turn any situation into a "Poor Me" debate.  So even though this layout may look like a great night out, there is hidden journaling behind the photos describing how our Date Night turned into a Date DisasterI feel better after writng it down, and even showed it to my husband and got a heartfelt apology for ruining the night. 

This type of journaling I would not want to leave out in the open for anyone to read, while flipping through my scrapbooks so that is why there is a hidden pocket behine the photos.  The brown polka dot strip is the top of it with no note of the fact that it is a pocket to be pulled out.

 Once you flip the page over you see the pocket I attached so the journaling will slide in and out easily. I always use a scrap paper that I know iIwill not miss, so this time is is bright green. What the pocket looks like does not matter since it does not show from the front.

Get thinking and have some fun, you can leave your journaling for everyone to read of hide it like mine, but you do want to capture the story.
Remember to scrap from your stash.

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SSS Sunday June 24 Family

Sundays will be Family Day for the Summer Scrap your Stash Challenge.

Today scrap a  family members' birthday.  This does not mean you have to scrap about who's birthday is closest to today. It can be any birthday.  Your own Sweet Sixteen, your baby's first birthday, The dog's birthday. any birthday and don't forget to add journaling, not just the Who, What, Where, When.  There must be a story that goes with taking these photos.  Put that story down for others to read about.

Card Makers, make a birthday card for someone in your family.

My sample is of my son's 16th birthday from last year.  There is a journaling tab going under the large photo to the right but I have not typed it up, yet.  I will add it shortly, I just wanted to get this prompt posted for now.

The story behind my birthday photos has to do with a tattoo.  My son kinda tricked me into taking him to get his ears pierced for his birthday.  He started about a week prior saying he wanted to get a tatoo for his birthday.  I was adament with my "No Way!"

 I even told him if he did this without my appoval, I would do everything in my power to make it difficult for him to get his Driver's Permit. "Take you pick, which would you rather have, an ugly tatoo that you will live with for the rest of your life? Or a driver's license?

He turned the conversation around...
Mom remember when I was about 10 or 12 and asked to get my ears pierced?  You said not now but I I still wanted them when I was 16, you would let me?  Well, I want to get my ears pierced since you wont let me get a tatoo.

So we went and got his ears pierced.  He no longer has these, thank goodness.  He plays lots of school sports and cannot wear earrings in game so they closed up.  Oh, sorry, hon. 

Hopefully, he has gotten both notions out of his system.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

SSS Saturday June 23 Theme Day

Saturdays will be a Theme Day for the Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge. With the heat we have had the last few days, today's Theme is

 Scrap a layout, or make a card about anything to do with water, the beach, boating, a pool party, the sprinkler. WATER should be in it somewhere.
My sample today show what we have been doing at my house for the past week. We started repairing are old pool. We started it last Saturday and finished it this past Thursday. Major work but is was so worth it to be able to jump in with the 95 degree days we have had.
I used something from long ago...A Paperkin. (a precut paper piecing by Pebbles before they were bought out by EK Success, a little scrapping history for ya)

Rather then just glueing her down as is, I added some shading with Copic markers. 
In my original idea, I had two Paperkins, the boy and girl, but then decided instead of the boy, I need to find a good photo of my dog out in the hot sun. So before the day is out I may change this up to add a small photo of my dog in the bottom left corner being all hot and cranky.
I keep an inventory in my Scraprack of my scrapping supplies and it came in handy this morning. Instead of pulling out all my inks to see what brown and green would work best on my sand and grass, I looked at my inventory of Distress inks that I have labeled with little numbers and quickly found the colors I wanted to use.

For the grass I picked my # THD21, Peeled Paint. It would have taken me even longer to get this layout done if I had to go digging through different ink pads and finding what I should use, so thanks again to the Scraprack Organizing challenge.
Have fun with your Water Theme today, dig through your stash to see what you can use.

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, June 22, 2012

SSS Friday June 22 Color Challenge

Fridays will be a Color Challenge Day.  You can make any project you would like, a card, a layout, anything you like.  The colors that need to be included are

Pink, Light Blue & White

For my example, I used softball photos of my daughter.  She is very tomboyish so I never get to use pinks, pastels and NEVER EVER get to use anything that sparkles.

Well, Not today. I used these shimmery shiny chipboard stickers I bought years ago and added some paper punched stars.

Happy Scrapping

Thursday, June 21, 2012

SSS Challenge June 21

Thursday Tool Time Challenge.
Today is is time to go searching through your bins, totes, drawers and pull out a tool you have not used in a while.  Think about maybe the Fastenator, Tag Maker, deco scissors, Chatterbox Templates, Coluzzles, whatever you bought and then forgot about over time.

Lets dust them off and see if we can have some fun with them again.

My sample today is using a tearing ruler.  Mine isn't very old.  I just got it as a goodie bag gift at a scrapping retreat last month, but this is definately the type of thing I bought years ago and never used.

In my layout today, I tore 8 layers of paper to make a soft watery, wavy backgound for my beach layout.
you do not have to do a layout for this challenge, it can be anything, a 3D project, a card a bookmark, anything you would like, you just need to use a tool you have not used in a while.

Happy scrapping

Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge

I was debating whether I wanted to add this challenge to my blog or not and decided, yes, I should.  It will help keep my motivated and I can post my daily challenges here for anyone else that needs a little motivation.

So let me explain what the Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge is...
I am out of work for the summer and will not see another paycheck until mid September.  So this means NO SCRAP SHOPPING for me for the next few months.  Beleive me this is not an easy thing for me.  Especially when there are such tempting things out there like the new FUSE machine by fiskar.  If anyone saw that on HSN this past Monday, comment and let me know if you broke down and ordered it.  I would love to hear how great this thing really is.

Besides lack of funds, I also do not have a working car this summer.  My car is in desperate need of tires and I think the tire rods are going.  My poor car shimmies so bad on the road right now I am afraid to drive it.  So I am broke AND housebound for the next few months. (I do have a scooter to get around, but my teens are too embarrassed to ride the back of it with me. Go Figure.  I love my scooter)

Anyway, so I have challenged myself to be creative everyday this summer. Without the shopping aspect that leaved me whit what I have collected over the past 14 years of scrapping.  Believe me when I say I could open a store in my basement with all the paper I have so know I can make due for a while.

But, to get motivated to actually use what I have, I have started this challenge with one of my scrapping groups, NESF.  Each morning I will send out a prompt with a daily challenge.  It may be to use a tool you have forgotten about, or it may be a color challenge, or whatever I can think of.  If you complete the challenge and post a photo of it, you have a chance to win a prize.

The challenge started yesterday, Wednesday, June 20 and the challenge was Story Time Wednesday.  Journal about a current or past job you have.  Photos, no photos, the important thing is to tell a story about this job.  Does you job consisted of working at home raising a family? Do you hold an very pressured, stressful job? Do you like your job? 

My sample for the challenge was to scrap about the preschool I have been working in for the past two years. The left side was from last year and the story to go with how I got transfered to this school and the right side was this year and the story of how this year went.

Nothing new was purchased to make this layout.  I used orangy paper i had and was not too crazy about, stickers I had for a couple of years, and the big photo of the front of the school bus has to be at least 8 years old.  When these big photos were on the market I thought they were the greatest thing a bought tons of then.  Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever used one on a layout.

So this was yesterday's Challenge. 
Leave a comment if you would like to get involved in the SSS Challenge, as well.
Happy scrapping and don't forget to Scrap your Stash.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Improv can be a Good Thing!!

I have so much work I should be doing but I just get myself motivated to do it so I have been "playing" instead. 

recently, I posted about how much I am loving my new Scraprack System. For National Scrapbooking Day, the company ran a great promotion of free shipping.  Their system is made of metal and shipping can be very high.  So I think the whole country ordered supplies from them on that day and since then they have been out of stock of a lot of the page refills and other products I need to keep going with my organization. 

The company promised to have everything re-stocked by Mid June along with some new items that they will be introducing.  Well, I just do not have the patience to wait so I have been trying to improvise in the meantime and I have been liking the ideas I have come up with.

First off - I did not have enough Dividers to sort out my Themes.  These are OOS (out of stock), plus they are pricey at $12.00 for 5 dividers.  I do think that if they had them I would have just ordered them even at that price just so I keep making progress in my re-organization I've got started here.

But since they don't, I have been using other things.  Crop In Style sold dividers for their Paper Holders.  These are very hard to find nowadays, but I had tons of them separating my CTMH and Stampin Up! papers so I have been stealing from there where I could, but I got to the point I could not take anymore from there.  Then I heard from Facebook that people were using the roll up vinyl cutting mats from the dollar store.  So I ran out and bought 10 for $5 (2 in a pack) these were working but, that was all my Dollar Store had in stock.  Today, while I was at Staples getting a new ink cartridge, I noticed they had vinyl file folders on clearance.  They were marked down from $10.99 to $2.50 for a box of 15 folders.  I bought all 4 boxes they had left.  I was iffy if these would work since the boxes were sealed but this is definately a score.  The folders have colored tabs (even better for organizing my themes) and I unfolded them, cut them down to 12 1/2 inches and three hole punched them, so the tabs will show at the top of my Scraprack for my sub-catagories.  Then I realized I had an extra score with getting these.  After cutting them down I was left with enough vinyl on each folder to cut 3 strips at 1 1/2 inch wide each.  I can three hole punch these, Presto-Chango, now I have 3 ring binder strips, as well.  Just add a strip of scotch tape between these and whatever I want to add to my Scraprack.  I can get 45 strips from each box of folders.  (these would sell for in packs of 25 for $ 9.00 at From the 4 boxes I will get 180 strips and you could say these were free since they are the leftovers from the dividers I made. (Total Savings from dividers and 3 ring binder strips - $ 197.00 plus shipping costs)

Next I needed more pages,  these are also OOS.  I needed singles and I really needed the double XL. These are the pages with two 12 1/2 x 6 inch pockets for the big sticker sheets, paper scraps, titles and borders, etc...  Someone on the face book groups gave us a website that was running a $2.00 sale on sticker storage pages.  Score again!  I got $20 worth (enough for free shipping) and now have 60 more single pages and 8 tri-fold sticker pages.  (Savings of $72.00 plus shipping costs)

Then the other item I really wanted and had all intentions of ordering along with the OOS pages was the Crop Crate (from Office Depot for 23.00 plus 9.95 shipping) and the Crop Crate Arpon ($35.00).  this would be perfect for going to crops. My scraprack will fit in it and I can set the rack up on top of it at the crop.  Well, AC Moore had a crop crate that included an apron on sale for $29.99. It has a cover but just a fabric cover to keep this dust free, not a hard cover to set things on top of it.  So my dilemna, do i get this now and not have to pay shipping and made due with figuring out how to be able to set my scraprack on top?   Or do I wait and get the other ones that I know will work.  I could not wait.  I got the AC Moore one and then went to Michaels where I picked up a thin piece of birch plywood (1/8 inch thick by 12 wide and 24 inches long) I also found some black duct tape in the clearance bin for on 87 cents.  I think the only reason it was in there was because someone ripped that plastic wrap on it.  Other than that is was fine. So i brought my goodies home, cut the wood done to 12 x 16, sanded it, covered the whole thing with the black duct tape, not only to make it a little stonger but aslo to match the black crop Apron.  then I added velcro so it would stay inside the fabric top.  Yes, it worked!! 

the I got to thinking....what could i do to make this bag even better?  I took the extra duck tape and velco and added a few extra straps to hold my long rulers and my slighter larger paper trimmer to the top of the tote.  I figured when I get to a crop these are the first things I pull out anyway so now they just have quick release velcro holding them into the roof of my new bag. 

Then I thought about my big ATG gun.  It fits in a side pocket but it is top heavy and falls out when I roll the bag around my room.  So another strap with velcro to hold this in but make it very easy to get at and take out.  (Savings $ 26.09 plus cost of shipping for the crop apron)

So now I think my bag is complete.  Now it was time to give it the real test...
and YES, my scraprack will sit on top of the bag.  So at the next crop I go to, I can pack the pages and rack inside my crop crate and when I get there I can set everything up on top of my crate and have access to all my tools in the pockets around the bag.

So, if I add everything up that I did spend in the last couple of days , it was about $77 for everything with no shipping costs for anything) 

If I had waited and ordered all this from and, it would have cost me $295 with extra fees for shipping. Not that I am knocking either company.  They both make high quality products and in the long run I may still have to re-order what I bought today, Frankly,because I do not know how long my substitute items will hold up, but, I am happy for today and i learned being impatient and improvising can be a GOOD THING. 

Take me out to the Ball Game

My friend and co-worker got tickets to Thursday's Red Sox game again the Detriot Tigers.  She asked if I would go with her.  Sure!

Neither of us are die hard fans but we were looking forward to just having a Night Out!  We had drinks after work, then we walked to the train station.  We took the T into Boston.  It was so long since I had been on the Boston subway system I didn't even know what the toll to get on wasy anymore.  $2.00, yikes,  I can remember it being 70 cents to go into town.  I think the last time i took the train is was $1.25.  Anyway...

We walked from Kenmore square and it was nice trying to find spots we use to frequent in our "Engergetic Pre-Maritals Days"  We could not find any of them.  Not the dance clubs or the food places.  Everything has changed.

We walked around Yankee Way and could not find out gate or the big gift shop I had remembered.  We were on the wrong street.  then we were on Yankee Way and got to not only meet but also get a singed autograph from a retired Red Sox player.  We were so excited!  By the time the game ended neither of us could remember his name.  (my daughter had to tell me who he was later from the photo we got) Just goes to show what Red Sox fans we are not.

We find our gate and head in.  Naomi spots a sign from far away and gets excited.  She practically runs over to this stand.  I am thinking "what? Does she know the guy behind the counter?  What's the Big Deal?"  The sign she read said "GLUTEN FREE"  She was so excited to find hot dogs, buns, BEER, cookies and brownies being sold that were all gluten free.  I think she would have jumped over the counter and hugged the guy she was so excited.  Then to top this all off, the guy actually carded her.  What the start of great night!.

With some assistance, we found our seats, they were pretty decent. Right along the first base line.  We were a little crowded with our seats being in the middle of the section and one way to get in and out of the row.  (with my claustrophobia I was a little uneasy about that)

The game begins...
Out Catcher, sabtwmacchia, or something like that, gets a HOME RUN!!! Yes!!!   By the third inning we are both on our cell phones, texting, facebooking, taking some random photos. 

Ya, big fans.  By 5 inning we go for a walk, check out what there is for food and drinks.  Lines were wicked.  Heading back to our seats, I notice there is a whole row practically empty down  just maybe 10 - 12 rows up from the field.  We ask and people near by confirm they have been empty so now we are even closer.  Oohh!  Someone started the WAVE, what its coming, ah, it died.  They try again and again and it finally reached us.  Wow, it went around three times. 

Inning 6, we both kinda say to each other,  "I don't mind if ya wanna leave.  Don't feel like we have to stay til the end if you are getting tired or anything?"

Time to call in the reserves.  I call my husband and he rescued us.  He and my daughter drove into town to pick us up right outside Fenway and we got a ride back home.

It was a fun night out, but I would be willing to spend my $50 (ticket money) and $12.50 (food money) on something else.    I'll leave the Red sox games to Hubby and the kids in the future.