Sunday, January 24, 2010

This weekends Crop.

This weekend I was back at the same hotel for a scrapping weekend hosted by a local scrapping store. My goal was to get my son's football album up to date. I had his album, all my embellishments, a new football stamp set I got just for this book along with all the football paper I could find. What I didn't have was the football photos!!! Duh! Luckily my darling husband was willing to make the drive out to the hotel and bring me not only the photos, but everything else I managed to forget to pack, like adhesive, my purse, my cutting mat, etc. I don't know what I was thinking when I packed my gear.

I only got about 7 pages done in his album then changed gears to work on a family calendar. I must have been tired of looking at photos of my son. After finishing the calendar and bringing it home, I was showing it to my daughter and realized I used all photos of her and only 2 photos with my son in them. Oops. I guess this calendar will go to work and I will have to make another one for home.

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Work tomorrow. A new secretary is starting tomorrow. Anxious to get the meet,great, and transistion part over and get back into a routine.

new layouts

These are some of the layouts I did last weekend with my sister.
I know there isn't much to this one. It's just photos stuck down. I did add a jounaling flap. It is under one of the photos but I loved the photos (other then the one with my fat face in it, LOL) and they showed what great seats we had.

This was a very girlie page of my grand daughter. My daughter is such a tomboy I don't get to do too many girlie pages.

And this layout is a kit I ordered from Shoestring Productions. Love their Kits!! This is my daughter's basketball game.

Another weekend of scrapping. Love it!!

Last weekend for my sister's birthday, I booked a hotel suite for a night and we stayed up all night long scrapbooking. It was so much fun. My sister had me laughing hysterically at her "snowtubing" stories. The room was great. We had a full kitchen, two tables to scrap on, plenty of space.

This is what kept us going...Mountain Dew Throwback and peanut butter. We scrapped from 4 pm on Saturday until 4:30 am Sunday morning. Needless to say I was USELESS when I got home on Sunday but I loved the pages I finished.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I took a little break, but I'm back

IT's been a week since I have written anything. My granddaughter was visiting from Florida so I was enjoying my time with her. This photo is her at my daughter's volleyball game. She was not very interested in the game. She was having too much fun dumping my purse then putting everything back in, then dumping it again.

It was great to spend time with her but she left last night and I miss her already.

We went to the Patriots game this weekend. Yes, I know it was the worse game in Patriot History but I had not been to a game in 2 years, our seats were great!! and it was Matthew and Sarah's first time at Gillette Stadium so we had fun.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another challenge

I was going to keep this to myself but I have barely thought of anything else all last night and today. I got the results of my biopsies back last night and I have skin cancer again. I know it is very minor and I should be saying blessing for catching it so early but I have been so down all day. This is the 4th time. The first back in 1995 on my temple after my son was born. Surgery to remove this. Then after my daughter was born I had surgery again for another spot on the other side of my temple. In 1989 cervical cancer. Surgery for this. More severe then first predicted was told I would not be able to have more kids. Then I had a long stretch and a fairly clean bill of health. Now again back in the 2 same spots on my forehead.

These 2 spots are so minor the Doctor plans to freeze them to kill the cells, no surgery this time. Minor!! Why am I so stressed over this. It is flashback to my father. Now I know this is totally unrelated. My father let his go on for years. Refused to let a doctor look at his. He wore long sleeve plaid shirts year round to cover his arms. By the time he did let a doctor look at it there wasn't much they could do for him. He refused Chemo but did go through many surgeries and radiation treatments. Over 10 years my family watched the cancer slower eat our father away.

This is my family heritage. I was nice enough to pass these genes onto my son. At 10 he had to go through surgery to remove a pre-cancer mole from his back.

I need to shake this mood. I am not my father. I will not let this fester. I will be dilligent and getting my skin checked on a regular basis along with having my children checked.
My photo today is Skittles. Dogs are great. They love you no matter what. Whether you are happy, or sad they still are there for you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yesterday's Photo

This is yesterday photo of the day. I didn't post it because I could not find what I did with the camera. I was packing up all the Christmas decorations and stopped to take a few photos. When DH got home from work last night he put all the boxes back up in the attic. It was later that I realized I could not find my tiny little red camera ANYWHERE? Strange. I decided I must have packed it up with all the little red hallmark ornament boxes and now it is in the attic. Lovely.
Luckily I found it today and it was not in the attic. So my photo is all the storage boxes getting packed up. Skittles was not happy to see this stuff go away. She loves Christmas. It means extra chew toys for her.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cleaning day. Oh Joy!

Well, This is my last day off. School re-opens tomorrow. 11 days off and it feels like it flew by. I had so much I planned to get done but didn't. I have a ton of thank you cards I have not even started. the laundry pile is taller then the washing machine. I did get the Christmas decorations down so at least one thing got accomplished. Now I need to get the tree out of the living room. How do you take your tree out. I almost just tipped the whole thing over to drag it out when I realized there is probably still water in the base...there is. I tried to unscrew the bolts holding the tree into the stand but my darling DH has them so tight I can't even turn them. I was really hoping to get my living room back to normal today.

My DH surprised me this morning with his question...
"When are you going away on another one of your scrapbooking conventions or crops or whatever you call them?" I immediately ask "WHY?" You won't believe his answer...
"Because you always come home in such a good mood and I get the benefits out if it." Can you believe that? I would be worried if it was something where he told me to take the kids and leave him home alone, but no, he is willing to watch the kids and let me go scrap for a whole weekend! Isn't he the best husband EVER!!! You know I have already gone online to search anywhere I can go scrapping. LOL There are actually 3 or 4 events coming up within about a 100 mile radius. So I just might be planning a little get away soon.

Kelly is on her way home from her Church retreat. Other than a few little annoying things she had a great time. (2 of the 6 girls sharing a room would not stop talking so none of the girls got to sleep the 1st night, Her lipped got terribly chapped without and chapstick with her, her phone gotten taken away by one of the group leader this was fine by me, but she wasn't happy about it, though)

I was looking at Yahoo Groups and saw one that dedicates each month to a Cricut Cartridge. I asked to join, Still waiting to hear, but in the meantime I thought I could do this on my own as well. What better way to learn more about the cartridges I have. If anyone reading this blog is interested in hearing more about this let me know.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back on Jenny Craig

These are my before picture from the JC center. OMG!!! No wonder I am never in photos in my scrapbooks.

OK I would not normally share these photos but I need some motivation to lose weight so maybe if I post these and keep seeing how HUGE I have gotten I will stay with it and lose the extra pounds.
I went to Jenny Craig this morning to start over again. (I lost 35 lbs with JC in 2008) Since then I have gained back the 35 lbs I lost plus another 5 pounds so my goal this time is to lose 40 lbs but I am going to break it down. My first goal is to lose 21 pounds by the end of March.

Blinged my Cricut

It is snowing outside so I am content playing in my workshop today. I decided to play with some new software I ordered. It's call "Make The Cut" and it will cut any font I have on my computer with my Cricut diecut machine. So I played with it a little and was surprised at how easy it was to figure out. Now mind you I already own the Design Studio for Cricut and the Gypsy for Cricut and have not had much success figuring these 2 programs out, but I've had the Make The Cut for all of 30 minutes and already was able to Weld the letters in my name together and cut it out. Then I cut out a cute little cricket and added some glitter.

Friday, January 1, 2010

While waiting for the phone to ring

Kelly was supposed to call when they arrived. I don't know why I would think she would actually remember to do this. So while I was waiting for her call I took some more photos of my organization in my scrap room.

This is where I keep most of my punches. The ones I go to the most, anyway. I really don't use my smaller ones anymore so I brought them to school for my afterschool clubs to use.

These are most of my little embellishements (brads, buttons, flowers, etc) and then below that are my markers and the whole line of Close to My Heart ink pads.

These are my Making Memories paints. I just noticed one was missing. I used purple on the lids of my glass jars. Need to put that back. Above are some of my ribbons. I have a lot more ribbon, these shelves are just the overflow that didn't fit in my ribbon storage. To the right you can see my small collection of Copic markers. I only have about 6 or 7 so far.

I love these shelves. My DH built them right into the walls of my scrap room. Originally they were for all my Stampin Up stamps sets but I have since gone unmounted so found a better use for these shelves.

Well, on a brighter note. Kelly did finally call. She and her friends had to check in, then get settled in the bunk room, THEN they had to go out and catch snowflakes in their mouths so that is why she forgot to call. I can go to sleep now. Good night everyone.

My scraproom

Thought I would share some photos of my organization solutions. Isn't that always a New Years Resolution? To get organized. Well I spent a good part of yesterday taking all of my cricut cartridges out of their old storage system. I had the Cricut storage boxes that come in Peach for fonts and Blue for shapes and each box held 8 cartridges. Well, This system just wasn't working anymore.
I finally realized there is a lot to learn from reading the books that come with the cartridges. I never read them. I would toss them aside whenever I got a new cartridge. I never threw them away (TG) but I never looked at them either. Now I know to read the books so I like to keep them with the cartridges and overlays. So a new system was needed. After searching many YouTube videos and other search engine for storage solutions I found this one on E-Bay. Now mind you I have only had it for 1 day now but I already love that everything is together.

This is the system. I like that I have space right next to my Cricut to store it. I had to add onto the one I bought for it to work better for me. The original came with 1 thin tray for cartridges, Another thin one for tools or overlays, then 2 larger trays for books. I needed a third tray for books so I ran to Joanne's Fabrics earlier today and picked up a Christmas storage box on clearance and added it to this.

Here are my cartridges. Though I only have one empty slot left so there really isn't room for growth with this.

I now have three of these trays with my books and overlays in then. I made the index cards with labels to make it easier to find the books I need.

Kelly is on her way

two vans for the kids and group leaders. The first van is all the luggage, sleeping bags, pillows, etc

Group shot. Three church groups are going together.

Kelly and her friends.

Well, She is on her way. I could tell she was excited but aprehensive at the same time. I asked if if she wanted me to go and she asked me to wait until they left. I hope she has fun.

Another project I started

Alright, I know it doesn't look like much now, but hopefully these will look good when I am finished. It was time to clean out the refrigerator. It gets a weekly clean out of the leftovers, but after Christmas it get the major cleanout. Condiments that have been there all year get dumped. I forget what was in these 2 jars but I don't like throwing good glass jars away so decided to clean these up and use them for something. I will let you know what the finished project ends up being.

Happy New Year!

Thank goodness 2009 is finally over. This has to be a better year than last year was. I am going to try to post a photo and info each day. This 1st photo is Kelly looking out our back window. Kelly is leaving for 3 days for a Church retreat. This will be her first one. She is very excited, though I am totally expecting a call around midnight tonight. She gets terribly homesick at night. I think the problem is that she in my Night Owl. She can easily stay up unitl at least 1:00 AM every night. When she goes away and everyone falls asleep earlier she doesn't know what to do with herself so starts feeling lonely and wants to come home.
Anyway, I plan to take a photo of her as she is leaving. There is a snow storm coming, which is good and bad. I will be a nervous wreck about the bus driving home on Sunday night. but I also know the kids will have a blast playing in the snow.

This is a project I was working on last night waiting for the ball to drop. They will be Get Well cards once I add a sentiment to the inside. I love the little House Mouse stamp.

Oh, It is time to go drop off Kelly. I will add more later.