Friday, January 1, 2010

My scraproom

Thought I would share some photos of my organization solutions. Isn't that always a New Years Resolution? To get organized. Well I spent a good part of yesterday taking all of my cricut cartridges out of their old storage system. I had the Cricut storage boxes that come in Peach for fonts and Blue for shapes and each box held 8 cartridges. Well, This system just wasn't working anymore.
I finally realized there is a lot to learn from reading the books that come with the cartridges. I never read them. I would toss them aside whenever I got a new cartridge. I never threw them away (TG) but I never looked at them either. Now I know to read the books so I like to keep them with the cartridges and overlays. So a new system was needed. After searching many YouTube videos and other search engine for storage solutions I found this one on E-Bay. Now mind you I have only had it for 1 day now but I already love that everything is together.

This is the system. I like that I have space right next to my Cricut to store it. I had to add onto the one I bought for it to work better for me. The original came with 1 thin tray for cartridges, Another thin one for tools or overlays, then 2 larger trays for books. I needed a third tray for books so I ran to Joanne's Fabrics earlier today and picked up a Christmas storage box on clearance and added it to this.

Here are my cartridges. Though I only have one empty slot left so there really isn't room for growth with this.

I now have three of these trays with my books and overlays in then. I made the index cards with labels to make it easier to find the books I need.

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