Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cleaning day. Oh Joy!

Well, This is my last day off. School re-opens tomorrow. 11 days off and it feels like it flew by. I had so much I planned to get done but didn't. I have a ton of thank you cards I have not even started. the laundry pile is taller then the washing machine. I did get the Christmas decorations down so at least one thing got accomplished. Now I need to get the tree out of the living room. How do you take your tree out. I almost just tipped the whole thing over to drag it out when I realized there is probably still water in the base...there is. I tried to unscrew the bolts holding the tree into the stand but my darling DH has them so tight I can't even turn them. I was really hoping to get my living room back to normal today.

My DH surprised me this morning with his question...
"When are you going away on another one of your scrapbooking conventions or crops or whatever you call them?" I immediately ask "WHY?" You won't believe his answer...
"Because you always come home in such a good mood and I get the benefits out if it." Can you believe that? I would be worried if it was something where he told me to take the kids and leave him home alone, but no, he is willing to watch the kids and let me go scrap for a whole weekend! Isn't he the best husband EVER!!! You know I have already gone online to search anywhere I can go scrapping. LOL There are actually 3 or 4 events coming up within about a 100 mile radius. So I just might be planning a little get away soon.

Kelly is on her way home from her Church retreat. Other than a few little annoying things she had a great time. (2 of the 6 girls sharing a room would not stop talking so none of the girls got to sleep the 1st night, Her lipped got terribly chapped without and chapstick with her, her phone gotten taken away by one of the group leader this was fine by me, but she wasn't happy about it, though)

I was looking at Yahoo Groups and saw one that dedicates each month to a Cricut Cartridge. I asked to join, Still waiting to hear, but in the meantime I thought I could do this on my own as well. What better way to learn more about the cartridges I have. If anyone reading this blog is interested in hearing more about this let me know.

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  1. I would love to know more about my cartridges. As a single mom to 3 it just seems I don't have the time to just "play" w/ my toys. LOL