Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to Clean my Scrapping Supplies

Yesterday while walking around the Goodwill store I saw the cutest little set of drawers being rolled out of the back room.  The guy didn't even get it off the 2-wheeler when I saw the price and asked if if that was just for the glass top or the whole thing. He said it was the whole thing.

Another gentleman came right over while I was looking at this and asked if I would mind if he looked at it as well.  I said yes but I let him know I was strongly considering on getting it. 

Long story short...He was an antique dealer and showed me all the little details that made this a quality piece of furniture.  He valued it at $250 - $300. I got it for $11.99.

I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it but knew my DH would not be happy about me bringing it home so I knew I had to find a pace for it and get it all set up before he got home.  I spent the next 4 hours cleaning, purging, running up and down my cellar stairs.  I totally revamped my storage area in the hallway just outside my scrap room.  In order to get this piece to fit I had to move both bookshelves down about 10 inches.  Of course both book shelves were loaded with books, supplies, albums, photos, etc.. Everything had to be taking out because the shelves were just too heavy to move with the supplies on them.

Time to do a major purge.  I cannot believe how many books I still had from 10 years ago that I actually thought I would still use.  I filled a trash barrel with them.  And made lots of space o my shelves.

I cleared away enough space to move all the school supplies I had tucked away if different boxes and drawers. They now sit on the shelves to the kids can see what we have and shop from there rather telling me what they want me to go buy for them.

I I did not do anything different to this area other than remove any school supplies I had stored here and then dusted and polished.

 This was in my post for yesterday.  Again I didn't do anything different other than remove school supplies I had stored here.  the pile on the top shelf are the magazines I decided to keep.  I am going to go through this today.

 This is a front view of my die cut center.  Nothing new other than cleaning and polishing

 Here is where the majority of yesterday's work took place.  I had to slide the two bookshelves down 10 inches to make room for the set of drawers in the front.  So I took everything off and went through it all to decide do I Keep It? Toss It? Donate It?  I am thrilled that I actually have some empty shelf space now.  It won't take long to fill it up with something, but it is clean for now.

 Here is my new School Supply Storage.  There are enough notebooks, filler paper, pens, index cards, erasers, glue sticks, etc.. for a whole classroom of kids.

 And here is the new piece I got yesterday.  It is valued at between $250 - $300 and I bought of for $11.99 leaving with $2 for now but I am happy with my new purchase.

Oh, and I was concerned with what my DH would say.  He actually likes the piece, it reminds him of a piece of furniture his mother had in her bedroom so he likes it and says it looks way better than the plastic storage drawers I did have sitting there. And he is thrilled I did NOT pay $300 for it.

To get everything cleaned up and moved I walked 10,0034 steps, walked up 14 flights of stairs, burned over 3,000 calories. And felt better after having an upsetting Doctor's appointment .

 These two photos are all that is left to organize, This is a pile of 12 x12 paper that was in different kits and boxes, I tossed the boxes and will sort this into my paper supplies.
And these are the magazines and idea books I decided not to throw away.  I am going to go through these and cut out the photos and ideas I like and store them.  Which brings me up to today's SSS Challenge.

Go on to the next blog post for today's challenge...


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