Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SSS August 15 Story Time

Wednesday is time to work on journaling.  Time to tell a story.  We already did a page on our earliest memories, we did one on school memories, what about a story about one of your parents or grandparents.  Think about someone that is no longer with you.  And journal a story about them.

My sample is a funny story involving my mother.  She been gone nearly 10 years now but the silly things I remember will stay with me forever!

The journaling talks about a Road Trip we took with my mother, sister, a friend and myself.  We stopped at the little country store for a few minutes and got back in the car to continue on our way.  We drove a good distance before anyone noticed the booklets our mom was looking at.  My sister asked her where she got all the little books?  "Oh, they were sitting on the counter at that shop, aren't they wonderful?  You bought those?  No, they were out there for people to take. I don't think so" 

Sure enough they all had price tags on the back.  My mother so innocently thought they were for free.  We were too far out of the way to return now, but we told our Mom her picture was on the wall of that store and she would never be allowed to return.

Happy Scrapping and scrap with what you have.


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