Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Organizing

I decided to re-organize my Cricut Cartridges. I had them stored in Snapware ribbon holders, but I had so many cartridged that it took three (3) of these holders to store them all. I did like the concept of using the cross-stitch mesh so I made a bigger one to fit into a 12 x 12 tray from Target. Much like the one I made for my Stickles. and the nice thing about this one is there is still room for expansion. I still have 18 empty slots. When full this tray will hold 119.

Then for the books and overlays I was using two of these drawers that my daughter no longer wanted. The books fit in perfectly, but I needed one more drawer to fit them all. I drove to the Container store and was going to get another whole unit, but found just the inner part of a drawer set on clearance for only $3, so I bought that. It sits on top of the others just fine. These drawers still have a little room for exspansion. Right now I have an empty Cricut box in the back of each drawer to, not only keep the books upright, but to block the back because it is hard to reach the back of the drawers when they are in their containers. But should I get more books, I can take the boxes out and have room to add more books.

The other thing I did this week was to check all my paint dabbers. These tend to dry up from lack of use. After watching a Tim Holtz video, he said to simply add a few drops of water to the bottle to bring the paints back to life. So I did. It took about 4 hours to get through all the bottle but they are all working again and I have moved them so they are closer to my work space in hope I start using them more before they get a change to dry up again.

These ones on the shelf are the colors I may not use too often.

The more popular colors that I do think I will use more often, I put into this Tim Holtz storage tin. These are more of my favorite colors so i plan to place this tin right on my work desk in hopes that by seeing every day I will start to use these more often.

And these are the few bottle of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I have not used this very often so I only have a few colors.

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