Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Homemade Scraprack

The saga continues...

If you are just started here, hold on a moment.  This is part two of a long post.  Go back and read the earlier post from today then come back here.

Once I got my own Scraprack system, I started filing all my "like" items together into the system as described on webinars.

Here is a photo of my scraprack set up and filled with some of my more popular themes.

Low and behold I am scrapping again!!!

This system really does work.  Not only can I find things, but seeing everything together makes me think of new layouts to put together.  I feel like I have a whole scrapping store at my convenience now because I can actually see what I have instead of trying to find things in closed up drawers and boxes.

I was so excited that this past summer I started a Summer Scrap your Stash Challenge on my blog.  Everyday I posted a new prompt or idea to scrapbook about. I did not feel a need to go scrap shopping even once this summer because i could find everything I needed now.  The best part, I got scrapping again.  And not just once in a while but every single day this summer.  I could actually find what I needed and got tons of cards and layouts completed.  I even got around to finishing up  some class projects from years ago that got filed away and forgotten.  I even filled up two albums with all the pages I did this summer thanks to this new system of organizing.  It really does work.

I love my original Scraprack.  It is thin metal and folds up so I can take it with me to classes, or crops. (I teach scrapbooking) So I am absolutely loving the portability of this system.  Once you get home you can set this unit back up and scrap again.  I was getting tired of breaking it down and setting it back up, though.  So back in June I figured I would build a more permanent unit to keep in my scrap room and keep my original for my Crop crate.
 Here is a photo of my original Scrapbrack set up on top of my Crop Crate.  I can have this sitting next to me at a class, crop or even out by my pool so I can get a few pages done while enjoying the weather.   When it is time to leave or just put things away, everything fits inside the tote. the photos below shows my scraprack and the spinders fitting nicely inside the crate and I close up the cover and roll away with it.

So now that I decided I wanted to keep this one for my travel bag, the dilemma of how to build a permanent unit came.  I knew I wanted it made from nice wood.  Something sturdy enough to hold lots of weight.  But I am not great at cutting angles from wood, so I asked my hubby if he would cut the wood for me and I could build my own Scraprack. Like I said this was back in June.  I would remind him every once in a while.

Just 2 days ago, he not only cut the wood but assembled this for me.  It is 45 inches wide by 14 inches high and sits at a 30 degree angle. 

 I filled the nail holes with wood putty. My dog had to inspect it for quality control.

 Here is a photo of the back side of it.

 This is where I planned to put it once it was finished.  this counter top had just been waiting for a new Scraprack to be placed on it.

 I added two (2) coats of white paint and strips of industrial strength Velcro.  I was concerned the Velcro would not be strong enough but believe me it is!  I got a little edge stuck to my counter top and really had to pull and tug to get it off.  So now it was ready to get loaded.

 Here is a photo from the side to show the angle is sits at.

 Ta-da!  This is all my Themes from "Animals" to "Travel".  I didn't realize it would take up almost the whole unit.  I still have my Alpha and Calendar sections to go.

This is all the space left.  Maybe enough room for 4 more Spinders.  But, I am thrilled with my permanent Scraprack.

Now to start up the fall session of the Webinars and to keep working on getting organized.


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  1. Sharon - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your homemade scraprack - you and your hubby are a good team! Your room is amazing!


  2. Great idea, I was thinking the same thing, it's too much trouble to tear down mine everytime. What did you use at the ends that looks like a regular binder notebook?

    1. I used regular 12x12 binders. I had 2 of them. (purchased on clearance only $3 for the 2 of them) I cut one side off,added a strip of industrial strength Velcro and attached them to either side.

  3. Found your blog looking for a homemade scraprack solution and it looks great. My favorite part is your pup inspecting your work. That would totally happen at my house!

  4. i love your scraprack, I am so going to try and make my own, sadly mine won't be as clever as yours, well done great job, x

  5. I love your homemade scraprack! This is exactly what I am looking for. Would your hubby be willing to share his instructions on assembly? I would like to make one for myself. Thanks

  6. Do you still purchase the pocket pages from scraprack?

  7. Wow! Your wooden scraprack is awesome!! My DH is like yours - built stuff for my scraproom too. I sure wish I had seen this before I spent the $100 to get the metal ScrapRack base!!! I am going to show DH your posting and ask him to make me a new base. It will be largwr than the regular base of course!! ;- )
    Then I will use the original one for my business crafting supplies and my custom made one for personal supplies! I teach papercrafting too. (Family Heritage Creations based out of Atlanta). BTW, tell your DH he did an awesome job!

  8. Did you use regular binders for your scraprack? I wondered if you removed them entirely from the binder or just cut the sides off. It looks like the end spinders you left one side of the binder on it. I am trying to make my own and having some issues with how to create the spinders effect? Thank for any help you may be able to offer.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I bought a lot of the original Spinders from, but I also improvised with old binders I had. With 2 kids in high school I had plenty of old binders. I cut the front and back off. Rapped tape around the strip that was left along with the metal binder part to make it a little stronger, then added a strip of industrial strength Velcro to it. The edges of my scraprack have recycled binders but I left one side attached to either end to help support the pages. I have a wedge under the edges to hold up the binder. Nothing fancy. One side has a small stuffed animal tucked under it, the other a small box. It works.

    3. thanks for responding, that helps. I actually got some spinders (along with an expansion base) from the scraprack and am using those. The 45 degree angle on mine seems a little steep. I only bought the expansion base as it was so cheap during their July 4 sale. Some day maybe I can invest in the original base and just use the real thing. I think the base and expansion would do it for me. Thanks again for responding.