Friday, April 19, 2013

What to do when you get over your mouse problem...

We had some extra house guests this winter....

Field Mice.

What a nuisance!  My first sighting was not to see a mouse but to find mouse dropping in with all my baking dishes and serving bowls.  YUCK!!!  So I emptied my whole cabinet and everything went through the hottest cycle on my dishwasher.  The good thing was I re-organized this cabinet.  Boy, there were tons of things in here just taking up space that I have not used in ages. A huge box went to the basement for a later time, and another huge box was donated to the local church for a fundraiser.

The sad part,  I didn't want to return anything to this cabinet until I knew the mouse/or mice would not return to leave anything behind again.  So my baking dishes and various other containers sat on my kitchen table for 3 weeks before my husband could figure out how to seal up all the nooks and crannies in the back of this cabinet. 

We dealt with mice all winter.  We tried every kind of mouse trap out there.  The kind that have the spring action, the sticky traps, the humanitarian kind that safely trap them and let us release them to the great outdoors.  We finally tried poison, the very last extreme.  This one made me nervous since we have a new puppy.

Luckily I can say we are finally MOUSE FREE!

But now that I no longer have a need for these spring action mouse traps  what can I do with them.  (We never did use them,  I hated the idea of finding a cute little tiny mouse's lifeless body on one of these traps)

So time to renew, reuse, recycle...

So this is what I did with my leftover mouse traps.  To make something that has a somewhat sad purpose and now it is renewed into something useful and pretty.

It was easy enough to do.  Just removed all the metal except for the spring clip device.  And glued on some pretty paper, tied some ribbon and added some embellishments. 

Next Project...

Time to start thinking about gardening.  Home Depot was having their Spring Fling Sale, actually I think they call it their Spring Black Friday Sale.  I picked up some starter plants, normally $3.98 each, but the sale price was 5 for $10.00,  I got a few tomato plants, some strawberry plants, and some herbs. 

Then, I never do flowers but, there was such a good sale on flowers, too, that I had to pick up some flowers.  Pansies were only 88 cents each and the Daffodils and Tulips ended up being even cheaper, they worked out to be about 68 cents for each flower plant.

So, for now they are sitting on my kitchen table until I get a chance to plant them.  The vegetable plants I will keep on my sunny table for a few more weeks until they are safe to plant outdoors, but the flowers I was hoping to get into the ground before they bloomed.  As you can see from the photos, my daffodils could not wait, anymore.  Hopefully the tulips will hold off until I get them in the ground.  Buying plants is my confirmation that winter is REALLY OVER!
Next thing going on...
My daughter will be upset for me posting these photos, but...
The Junior Prom is next week.  So my "non-girlie" daughter is getting her hair frosted.  I am so glad she does not want to get her hair done too often.  Sticker Shock at how expensive this is. WOW!!!

But wasn't it worth it?  She is gorgeous!   Now we need to make appointments for mani/pedi and to get her hair and makeup done up the night of the prom.  Keching, Keching!  Can't wait to see her all made up, and dress up with her friends though.

And to end today's post, here is our new puppy.  Isn't her adorable?

This is Jack Daniel.  He is 5 months old.  He was out Christmas gift this year.


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