Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scrap Cleaning

This is school vacation week this week, so my DH decided it was time to clean the back (scary) side of the basement. You know that part that has very little light and you simply rush in, dump stuff you don't need and rush back out. Well, I can tell you , I never realized just how much scrapping supplies I had that I have not used in years. I was so proud that my workshop was actually cleaned up to the point I could work on projects. Now EVERYTHING from the darkside that belonged to me is dumped back in my scraproom. My mess will hopefully be other scrapper's gain. I decided to try selling some stuff on E-bay. I have not done this in years and forgot just how long it takes to take photos, estimate shipping, write up descriptions for everything, etc I think I spent at least 5 hours posting stuff. I still have lots more but am going to wait and see how these things do. So if anyone is interested, go to ebay, I am listed as SharonTup. Here is a photo of the Sizzlit alphabet dies I posted.

Along with that I am trying to sell lots of Idea books: Lisa Bearnson, Close to My Heart, Creating Keepsakes, Tracy White, etc. Take a look, maybe you will find a bargain.

Other than that I have not done much. The stomach bug passed through our house. Not pleasant at all. My daughter had a very mild version, she stayed home from school for 2 days but never got sick just felt aweful. I was unfortunate enough to get the violent version of it and even a week later, my ribs and the muscles around my middle are still sore. I would not wish this bug on anyone!!

Been doing a little shopping lately. I love the new clear-mounted stamps by Stampin Up! I am hoping they give the option of ALL their stamp sets being offered with wood OR clear mount.

What else, I have expanded on my collection of Copics. I went from 6 lonely little Ciao markers and now have another 26 colors in the sketch markers. At first, I didn't know what the big hype about these were. People were raving about how well they blend. Mine came out streaky and looked awful. Until someone told me not to color in lines but swirl the marker around in little circles. DUH!! They should print this right on the markers for us idiots. Now I am liking these markers so much better.

I am thinking I will post some new photos of my scraproom once I clear out my E-bay stuff. I have been cleaning out the little nitty gritty stuff. Like I organized all my ribbon scraps by color. I put them into ziplock bags and clipped on a big ring. Now when I go to crops I can clip the ring on my cup holder and have easy access to all my scraps. Another thing that was time consumer but well worth it: I had tons of buttons that I just threw in jars, well I sorted all these by color, as well. Now all the buttons, brads, beads, eyelets, buckles, clips, etc are color coded as well. Unfortunately these will not travel well, though. They are all in glass jars on my shelf.

Well I am going to end for now. It's been at least 20 minutes, time to go check my auctions. I will take some photos and add more later.

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