Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do you know how to use Copic Markers?

I have been playing with my markers today. Each time, I think I finally have the technique down then I learn something new. My WOW moment today was this.
When I color an image in I take my lightesst shade and color in little swirly circles. Then I would use the next shade and color right up to the edge of the lighter color. Next I would try to blend these two colors together with the blender pen. WRONG! I found out today that you start with the lighter color, but you color the whole area with the lighter color. Then you go over whatever part you want darker with the next shade. Then go back over the whole thing again with the lighter color. This is how the colors blend together!!!

So now I want more markers. I did find a chart to keep track of my colors. If you go onto the Copic website and search for Libary you can download a color chart then mark the colors you have. I thought I had a good start up set but after filling in this chart my collection looks pretty pathetic. LOL

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