Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Vacation Yah!!

We are off for April vacation. Thank goodness. I so need a break. I am not expecting this week to be too relaxing, though. Both kids have practices and games for baseball and softball. Tim starts his new job this week, so I am sure I will be getting up early to drive him to the train station. The bus stop is 2 houses away but why take this bus when he can guilt his mom into driving him.

Kelly and I have our next Cake Decorating class this Monday. That is a whole blog post in itself.

Celtics are in the play-offs so we will probably get tickets for at least one of the home games.

I was hoping to take a trip out to Six Flags but our schedule is closing in on us.

I have been putting page kits together hoping to get in some scrapping time this week.

Last weekend I did an online scrapping retreat. TRUE SCRAP. It was excellent and I didn't have to pay for a hotel room or meals. I even got to take a could classes still in my pajamas. There were 12 classes in all and a few make and takes, I still have not tried the make and takes yet.

All the classes were very well done, but I think the one I got the most from was a class called Stash Diving by Shimelle (sorry, I forget her last name) Her main emphasis was to stop saving your favorite paper for that elusive lay-out idea that may NEVER come. Use your paper when you buy it. You loved it enough to spend your hard earned money on it, so use it! I have done that some thing so many times, not only with really cool paper but those expensive Jolee 3D stickers. I love them, buy them then don't want to waste them because of what I spent on them so they sit on my Clip-It-Up for years and just look pretty.

Since taking this class, I have been doing just as she suggest. Putting kits together and cutting up my paper! Yes, before I even have a photo selected to go on the paper, I am cutting all my new paper up, matching it with cardstock and putting it aside until I pull out some photos and scrap them. Just today alone I had to have made about 30 kits ready for photos and journaling.

So in between my taxi service this coming week I may get more pages done towards my 2011 challenge of a page a day.

I hope everyone else that is off this week gets to enjoy their time with their kids and even by themselves, if they prefer.

Happy Scrapping!

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