Thursday, March 17, 2011

11 Days and Counting

I still have the Respiratory infection, but I am finally breathing a little easier. I went and saw a different Doctor this week and he didn't say the other Doctor was wrong in her diagnosis, but this Doctor has Asthma, as well, and knew exactly how I was felling. He said I would not get better until I got on steriods. So I have been taken pills like every 2 hours but can honestly say I am starting to feel a difference.

The worst part about breathing problems is even though I am home I am useless. I can't do ANYTHING without aggravating my breathing, so I sit and read or watch movies.

That gets really boring by day 11!

Last night I was feeling up to a little project. My daughter's history class is discussing ancient architecture, specifically old Cathedrals. For a project she has to make a poster board with questions and answers. I cut out this Stain Glass Window for her board. It was tedious as I had to figure out how to cut out the transparencies for the colored glass but I am happy with the finished results. I cut it using Make The Cut software. She still has to do the whole rest of her poster board but this little extra should help.

I think my son was a little upset that I was helping her with her project. I tried to explain the difference. My daughter gets a project with a three week window to complete. She tells me about it right away, She is excited to have a project to do, she jumps right into doing the research on it, she like to get it finished early, maybe score some extra credit, and be done with it.

My son can have the same window of time, he will never mention the project to myself or his father, then wait three weeks and start it at 10 pm the night before it is due and wonders why I can't help him at that point?

This makes me think, I should find out if he does have any projects coming up. I'll have to ask him.

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