Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 weeks to complete but I'm happy

Well, I finally finished the whole re-organizing of my scrap room. These are the photos I took just a few minutes ago. I am so happy to be able to scrap now and get at everything I need - when I need it. Before I was always getting up and walking around the room to find what I needed. The only thing I have to get up for now is the Cricut. I did have this right next to my scrapping corner, but it just took up too much space so I moved it to the opposite corner. Let me know how you like it.

This is the desk I sit at when doing non-scrapping stuff, paying bills, reading emails,etc. And as you can see, it is the only place in the room that is still messy but I will get to it.

My darling husband built me these recessed shelves on this wall here when he first built this room for me. They used to be strictly for wooden stamps sets but now I have so many acrylic sets that these have found new use for my paint, pens, punches and so on, along with some wooden stamp sets.

This is my main Scrapping space. Everything I go to is within arms reach. I am loving it and wish I had set this up this way years ago. If you are wondering why there is a window...
This room was built for me when my kids were 5 and 6. The other side of the window was a part of the basement that wasn't finished. It was a playroom for the kids and their friends so I could scrap and keep an eye on them at the same time. My son is now 16 and this has become the Man Cave/ Bedroom and if I am scrapping late at night or early in the morning I hang my black "Stampin Up!" banner over the window so my lights don't bother him.

This corner is for my current Stampin Up! cardstock on the racks. Underneath I store my Clip-It spinners for all my stickers. The drawers are from IKEA and I store tools in them (heat gun, acrylic blocks, etc)

This in my work bench. Sometimes I get tired of sitting and like to stand while I work. This is also where I tend to do any stamping, embossing, etc. The cabinets above and racks below all hold cardstock and background paper. One of the reasons I can't even think of getting into digital scrapping. I have way to much paper!!

This last photo is another piece from IKEA. It fit in this corner perfect and is now holding my cricut along with the many cartridges, booklets, mats, vinyl and what ever. I also store my acrylic stamps and photo printer here.

I didn't take any photos of the hallway. I didn't really do any re-organizing out there. My die cut center, Mini Store, and lots of storage shelves are out in the hallway.


  1. You did a great job, Sharon. Can you come to my house (and bring your DH so he can build me shelves) so that I can have a scraproom???? LOL! Congrats on getting it organized. Looks wonderful and can't wait to see all the things you will be sharing on SFYS.


  2. What a fun area. I used to have as much stuff as you, minus the stamping, and I always said that I could never do digital because I had too much stuff. I still have stuff and enjoy the digital as much as I ever enjoyed the paper traditional scrapping. Great finds at IKEA for what you needed. Love the drawers with the glass fronts. Awesome use for them.

  3. This blog entry will be a bad influence on my wife, Marianne, who will now want more room for all her scrapping stuff.


  4. Sorry Ray, My husband put out a warning to all couples that come to my house. "Seeing my wife's workshop is gonna cost you"

  5. Wow this is my type of craft room! Everything looks so great, and isn't ikea just the best?! I love it


  6. I'm salivatating at this room. Awesome!! It looks like scrap command central. Enjoy!

  7. Wow sharon! this is fabulous! thanks for sharing pics of it and enjoy for years to come :)

  8. Love your space...thanks for sharing!