Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Donations have found a New Home

I am happy to say I did find a place to donate the 2 car loads of paper, punches, die cut equipment, crayons, markers, etc... I was trying to get rid of.

Eastern Nazarene College is the new proud owner of all this stuff.  They have a beautiful library there and I have used it in the past when I needed more room to spread any big projects I had been working on.  I do not know why I did not think of them sooner.  But they were thrilled with everything. I even gave them a quick lesson on how to use the Cricut and Sizzix die cut machines. 

Of course the very next day, one of the schools I contacted, emailed me saying they would love the donations.  Unfortunately, I sent them the message over 10 days ago and could not wait anymore to get rid of what I had packed up.

So I am back to the next session of cleaning.  You would think after 2 car loads I would have tons of free space in my room now.  No!  Not even close.  Everything I gave away was tucked away in cabinets and drawers.  My counter tops, floors and table tops are still loaded with stuff I have to sort through.  The toughest thing to go through will be my homemade scraprack.  If you want to go back to my original post of how I made this Click Here

I was so proud of this when I first made it.  ALL of my scrapbook paper, stickers, die cuts, clear stamps sets, etc...are organized by Theme in this giant book.  IF I was working on photos from a Cruise, say, I could pull out the spinder labeled "Cruise" and everything I owned that had to do with cruising was stored in this section.   It made scrapping so quick and easy.  It did not matter whether I was scrapping at home or away at a crop or even poolside in my back yard.  I just needed to pull out the theme I was working on and my tool kit and I was ready to scrap like crazy. 

It has been at least 2 maybe 3 years since I have even had the desire to scrapbook anymore.  I am more into card-making now. So I have not opened the pages of this scraprack in years.  I would love to get the countertop space back but almost hate to give this up.  It really is made incredibly well, even if I do say so myself.  It has held up for years.  the Velcro is super strong to hold all the weight of these pages.  But, I think it is getting close to the point of going through all these pages and pulling out what I want to keep and try to sell the rest. 

This is the disaster of a room I have right now.  I hate even posting the photo but this is what makes me want to get rid of everything.  It looks like such a dump when I know if can be so beautiful!  I need to keep plugging away.  The bags and boxes on the floor are my next plan of attack.

There is still plenty of stamp sets for sale on etsy.  Etsy Shop

Once I get to my CTMH heart supplies, I will take photos of these and post them on etsy, as well.

Be creative today.

click here for  Stampin' Up!

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