Monday, March 19, 2012

I Love Color

It was a warm sunny beautiful day yesterday and I spent the whole day in my basement re-arranging things, again. I need to clear some room so I can actually sit down and get some projects done. Once I get started on something, forget it. Yesterday it was my ink pads. I took them all out of the Stampin' Up! revolving holder I had in put and put them up on the wall in a cassette holder. I am trying to get as much off of my floors and counters as possible

Now this empty so I am selling it on E-Bay if anyone is interested. My seller name is SharonTup

These are my Stampin Up stamps now along with some Amuse Studio Stamps. I like being able to see all the same line together.

These are Close To My Heart ink pads.

I have already posted this photo but these are some of my bottles of Stickles.

And these are my collection of copic markers.

I just felt like posting some color today.

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