Monday, March 5, 2012


I just finished up doing a LayOut A Day (LOAD). It was a month long challenge put on by
I actually completed 32 pages in the month of February. I felt very accomplished by completing the challenge. I tried this back about a year ago and only 5 days into the challenge I found out I needed sinus surgery again (for the 4th time) and got rather depressed about it and could not get my head back into the challenge. So, I feel great that I was able to get through it this time.

Now that the month is over I am back to re-organizing my scraproom. What a mess! I keep getting sidetracked every time I find something I have not seen in a while. I lost 2 whole days when I came across 5 envelopes of photos from a disney trip from 2008. I thought I had scrapped most of that trip but after finding so many photos still in their envelopes I came to a crashing halt in cleaning and had to organize these photos, try to put them in order and then store them into photo pages so I could easily see the photos when I get to finished this trip.

then I have spent another 2 days trying to find and sort all my stickers, rub-ons, embellishments and started sorting by theme. Once I did that, then I took everything out of its packaging and I am sorting these into page protectors. I have two (2) Crop In Style PSB (Paper and Sticker Binder). I got these years ago and never really used them. I have decided that I do not like my Clip It Up storage units anymore. The photo below shows a 3 level one on the floor that I had tons of Jolee stickers on. Up on the counter is another one that I am going to keep using. The one up on the counter I use to store my favorite Close To My Heart acrylix stamp sets. I emptied the one on the floor along with another one that does not show in this photo and about 75% of the items are now stored in binders so dust cannot get to them anymore. I would have gotten to them all but both my binders are full. I have to come up with another idea for finishing up these embellishments, I still have the categories of Family, Fall, Winter, and my biggest section will be Disney.

After sorting tons of stickers, I started cleaning again, when I thought about a better way to store some of my stamps. I really don't know if it will be better, but I decided to put all my expression stamps together. I am forever looking through all my stamps to find different versions of maybe "Happy Birthday" or "Thank You" so I pulled all the sayings out of the sets and I am trying to re-organize so all the sayings are together. As I type this I am already re-thinking this. Maybe it will not work but I spent about 2 hours last night looking at all my sets and pulling some saying together. But, then how do I organize when I have some wooden sets and acrylic sets? I will have to think this through some more.

Time to stop typing and getting back to cleaning.

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