Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cake Decorating round Two

I forget to mention, my daughter and I signed up for Cake Decorating classes again at Micheals. New store and new teacher this time. The Weymouth store where I am teaching. Their Wilton's teacher is great, her name is Kim and we signed up just because of her. The first class was just basics. We watched as Kim made frosting, and gave us tips about baking and frosting and then we did basic star on plain sugar cookies. This past weekend was class 2. This time we had to bring in our own homemade frosting and a cake to frost and decorate. We also had to level out cake, put in a filling, I used strawberry jam, while Kelly used a layer of frosting, we learned how to dam the filling so it would not leak out. And then how to make it look all nice and smooth like they do at the stores when you buy cakes. I would have never guessed what the secret for this is. Sorry, you will have to take Kim's class to learn her secret tip on this one. As far as the design for the top, Kim said we could copy a design in our books or bring in a coloring book photo to copy. Kelly decided to make Dori from "Finding Nemo". Here is her cake. Didn't it come out awesome?!!
And for Halloween, I decided to try a Spiderweb with a Spider sitting on top made from a rice crispie treat, some frosting and black licorice legs. I copied the idea from a cake decorating blog "My Cake School". I should have used a different gel pen (I used pink and the pink shows under the black webbing) Oh well, this is how we learn.
This weekend is class 3. We are to bring 6 cupcakes and whatever filling we want to put inside of them. Kelly wants to bring chocolate pudding. I am not sure how this will hold up, but she will give it a try. I was not planning on going due to my surgery recovery but I am feeling pretty good today and class is still 2 more days away, so I may try to go after all if Dad is willing to be our driver for the day.

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