Thursday, October 27, 2011


It has been three days now since my surgery and I have to admit, I am feeling better then I thought I would be. I do have trouble getting up and down but once I am up and moving I feel like myself. Unfortunately, It doesn't last too long before I have to sit and rest but all signs are good that this will be a speedy recovery. It is killing me that I can't go sit in my scraproom and play. I just handle handle sitting in my desk chair, yet. I did go downstairs today to see how much of a mess my room was in. I was on a Halloween Frenzy before my surgery. I was making goodies for everyone, my co-workers, the office staff, my Michaels' students, the nurses at the hospital, etc.... when I get on a creative frenzy my workspace tends to pay the price. I seem to work best in disaster areas. The room wasn't as bad as expected. There is clutter everywhere but not too much that i can't start working on projects again as soon as I am up to it.
This is my room all sparkly clean.
This is what it looked like this morning.
This is the clean version, again
this is all the clutter i have to deal with on the floor and countertops.
This is the other side of my room with everything put away in its proper place.
Here is the disaster area with everything piled high on the counters and bags all over the floor. I can push the clutter to the side for a while, I guess. It will get cleaned up at some point.


  1. I am soooooo jealous of your space -- it looks wonderful! hope you are scrapping again soon!
    Happy scrapping!

  2. Oh my what a fabulous space love all the built in cupboards! Yep mine looks like the before pictures at the moment while I'm organizing too.
    Happy Scrapping!