Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12

All day long I thought about my photo for the day. I just knew it would hit me when I saw it. Well, this wasn't what I was expecting but this is it.

This is what I have been glancing at for the past hour and 17 minutes, no 18 minutes. My phone.
My son came up from his room complaining that his heart was racing. I told him to stay with me and his father for a while so we could keep an eye on him. After 30 minutes is just sitting still his heart was still racing. I called the pediatrician and she said not to hesitate...Get in to the ER right away. Everything could be just fine but that was the place he should be. They would do an EKG and see what was going on.
So off my husband and son went, while I tried to get my daughter to go to sleep. Still waiting for this phone to ring. I have gotten 4 calls...
The first from my husband letting me know they arrived and checked in, but were in the first waiting room waiting to get called for a nurse to do vitals.
The second - My sister just checking in. Sisters always know when you need them. I was glad she called. It calmed me down for a few minutes.
The third - my best friend, Rose. I did not realize my son was texting her son saying he was in the hospital. So she was nervous and offered to come over and wait it out with me. What a great friend. Of coarse, Kelly would never go to sleep is Rose was here so I am sticking it out on my own.
The fourth call - Kevin again. Vitals got checked and they did not seem too concerned. So far things appear normal but the doctors will check him out further. On to the next waiting room.
Now I sit and wait for the next call.

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  1. Wonderful choice of picture and journalling! I hope all is well with your son.