Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 14

Next saga for the McDonald Family...

We woke up this morning to no heat. Of coarse the coldest front of the season is hitting us right now. The next 2 days are going to be below zero temperatures. Luckily the heat must have just gone off shortly before I woke up. My alarm clock went off and usually i will stay in bed a minute or two to wake up before heading to the basement and my morning walk on the treadmill. This morning my darling husband nudged me to say "aren't you working-out this morning?" I said the house feels chilly. I looked at the thermostat and it was 62 (it should have read 65 until 6:00 when it goes up to 68)So I tried to turn the heat up some and it would not go on.

Kevin got up and played with it and nothing. So he went done to the furnace. Its a gas furnace and the ignition flame would not go on. Calls to the gas company were useless. The very nasty gentleman that answered the phone said "Not my problem, call a plumber!"

My photo for today is of the furnace cover off while my husband tried some trouble shooting.

In the meantime my main concern was what do I do with my son that has pneumonia? Do I call out of work and head to a hotel with him? Do I leave him home with Dad in hopes he gets the heat back on quickly? We bundled him up and sent him to school. I felt terrible doing this but truly hoped the heat would be back on very quickly and Dad could go grab our Tim and get him back in his own bed very quickly. As it turned out he spent the day sleeping in the nurses office. She was wonderful!!

The heat didn't get back on until 8:00 tonight. We ran out and bought some space heaters early in the day. We were getting ready to bring our dog to the kennel for the night and find a hotel but Thank goodness it finally on. What a wonderful feeling warmth is.

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