Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 15

I hope this is not a prelude to how the year 2009 is going to be. I look back at what has happened already.
Ordered a Kit, and I not getting it , yes I am, no I'm not, yes I am, well maybe...
Husband's truck got hit, minor not much damage, but still, that's his baby.
Son goes to ER - has pneumonia
Heat goes off in the coldest spell we have has this winter
and now today...

I got a phone call at work from my brother in law...
My husband got hurt at work, Don't panic, he looks banged up but he is moving and talking so we called an ambulance. He is on his way to Mass General
A few minutes go by, after the initial shock I HAVE to know more. I call my husband myself. He answered his cell phone. So I take this as a very good sign. He can barely speak though, due to pain. He is in the ambulance and every bump and turn has him in agony. I talked to a friend...make arrangements to watch my kids (one is still home running a fever with pneumonia, and head into the hospital... In the time it takes for me to get to him a resident doctor, and ortho doctor and a surgeon have already seen him. This can't be good. He doesn't look too bad but definitely in pain. The resident is doing an ultra sound. Says ribs look OK, does not see internal damage to vital organs. Ortho Doctor comes in, explains about the damage to the back. A crushed vertebrae, but not that bad. Could live a normal life once pain subsides. May even still be able to go on our Disney vacation next week, minus going on any rides. Kevin gets sent for a Cat scan to get a better look.
Two doctors come in together this time. There is more damage than first suspected. Not only is the vertebra crushed but is is also out of line and pushed back toward the spinal cord. Surgery highly recommended, we will schedule it as soon as possible. Now he will be going for an MRI to get even better results as to how the nerves are involved around this crushed bone.
Kevin got moved to a regular room in the meantime while waiting. Told NOT TO MOVE AT ALL until surgery the next day. 10 pm this evening a Trauma Specialist comes to see us. We asked "Why are you here? We have already seen so many doctors, why a trauma doctor now?" "I am going to be keeping an eye on things. The surgeons have been mostly concerned with you back problems I am here because of the 4 fractures ribs." Boy, the news keeps getter worse and worse.
My girlfriend has been at my house for 9 hours now. It is time for me to head home and let her go home to her own family.

My photo today is the monitor regulating his oxygen levels.

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