Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 21

Wednesday. Kevin thought he would be coming home tomorrow but they Doctors and nurses are concerned. He has not had any normal body functions yet and he can't leave until he does. So it may not be until Friday now. He is very upset. He called me at least 5 times at work today. I went in right after work again and stayed until 9 again tonight. I have to get some rest or I am not going to be able to handle it when he does come home. I looked around my house tonight. What a mess. For the past 8 days my house has merely been a dumping zone. I have not been in the house long enough to do anything. The are piles of unread mail, newspapers and magazines are piled up, laundry is getting backed up again. And I have not gone grocery shopping in 2 weeks now. We have no milk, bread, eggs,etc The cupboards are looking pretty bare.

I told my Boss Kevin is either coming home tomorrow or Friday so this would be my last day for a while. He was fine with it but asked if I could get payroll set up for my sub.

Even if Kevin does not come home tomorrow my To Do List is to get the house ready for him.

I went in tonight to see him. He was very down in the dumps about being there still and the nurse was waiting for my daughter and I to leave to do another treatment to him so we left early tonight. 8:30. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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