Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 9

It has been cancelled twice already but the staff party finally has come and gone. This is fun night to socialize with everyone. The party was starting right after work at 3:00 pm, but due to the kids schedules we had to do a bit of juggling before we could get there. Kelly had a Girl Scout meeting, Tim had a Basketball practice, they both had their church group meeting. We did finally get to relax after 7. We lasted until almost midnight and called it a night. There were many people still there when we left. It was lots of fun.
Today's photo is of my gift from the Yankee Swap. I brought a gift bag with some popcorn, soda and a $10 gift card to Blockbusters for a movie rental. I almost took my own gift back home but traded with someone else for this chip and dip bowl with dipping sauce. I was happy. I would have taken a photo at the party but didn't think to bring my camera so I took this photo once I got home.

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