Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 19

Its a holiday today. Martin Luther King Day so no work. I got up extra early to head into the hospital to spend the whole day with Kevin. 7:00 AM I looked out the window and wanted to cry. At least another 8 inches of snow feel while I was sleeping. My car is buried in the driveway again!!!
I headed out with the snow gear to shovel out once again. I lasted 1/2 an hour before my asthma kicked in and made me quit. A 30 minute Tea Break and I was ready to head out again. This time Tim was up so he went out with me. We got it all cleared by about 9. So we headed in. Dad was thrilled to see us. Tim stayed home and promised to finish clearing the rest of the snow away. Kelly and I had a very nice day hanging out with Dad. We played cards, watched TV and talked. We headed home at 9:00 that night. Dad was up and walking more today. It was a very positive day.

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