Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 22

Kevin is home!! Karen was his nurse today. She has been great right from the first day of admitting. She has only been on three times since Kevin was there but she was his favorite nurse, Veronica being his second favorite. She told him she was going to do everything she could to get him released today and she did.
My friend, Rose took the ride in with me to pick him up. He was back in his own house before the kids even got out of school. What a great surprise that was for them.
I know it is going to be tough for a while but he is so glad to be in his own house again. Now lets gets him better as fast as we can. He came home with a molded back brace made out of a hard plastic and velcro straps along with a cane to support him when he walks. I wasa hoping to get a photo of his homecoming but he didn't want any pictures so today's photo is of Skittles lying in his pillows. She was so excited to see Dad walk in the door!! She missed him as mush as the rest of us.

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