Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 20

The kids went to school and I went back to work. Kevin called me at work shortly after arriving. He was very dissapointed I was there. He was hoping my Boss would send me home so I could drive in and spend the day with him. I know I am going to need my sick days when he gets discharged so I can't afford to take any while he is still in the hospital.

I have to admit I was pretty useless at work, though. I spent more time talking to my friends and co-workers about what happened and how Kevin was doing. Then when I had time I was on the phone cancelling our Disney vacation we were scheduled to leave in three more days, Jan 23rd. Everyone I spoke with was wonderful and were able to help out either by cancelling our reservations at no charge or putting reservations on hold until a later date. Our airfare was another story. They did not give a care to our problems and charged us nearly half what we paid as a cancellation fee. Makes me not want to fly that airline again, EVER.

On top of all that I still am dealing with our banking issues. I have had over $1,000 withdrawn from my account by someone in Eurpope, so not only am I losing money but I am being charged ATM fees along with Foreign exchange fees. Just lovely! I know the bank is being great trying to fix these for me but I cring everytime I pull up my account and see all those transactions. I have not even told my DH about this year. The extra stress is not needed now.

After work The kids and I spent the rest of the day with Dad. The kids did their typical argueing. Kevin said he felt like he was home listening to them. We left around 9 pm. I am exhausted. Good night.

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