Monday, January 5, 2009

Mon Jan 5

It was a crazy day to begin with. Woke up to sheer ice everywhere. Drive to work was a little scary, but we got there safely. I had major pile of working waiting for me at my desk. The Boss was nice to come in over the weekend to find extra things for me to do today. At least an hour went by befreo I even got a breather to put my lunch in the refrigerator or even take my snow boots off. But the day did improve.

Once I got home I checked me e-mails. I got my confirmation from CK saying I AM getting my kit. Yes!!! Then I found out I won the Jan 1 give-away of my scent, Ay Carumba! This day did turn out better than it started.

I am very excited about this new project, so my photo for today is my computer screen showing the website that came up with the idea of taking a Photo A Day.

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