Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 16

This morning Kevin called me at 7 to say they just finally did the MRI and the moving around has him in agony again. They do not think the surgery will end up being today due to how busy the OR schedule is. I ran to work for a few minutes, talked to my boss, took care of a few pressing things and went home to pack a bag for Kevin. He called while while I was still at the house to say that an OR opened up and they are taking him NOW. I dropped everything and jumped in the car. There was NO WAY he was going in for surgery with out seeing my face first. It took me 20 minutes to drive from Quincy to Downtown Boston (luckily nothing happened on the way) I got to his floor just as they were wheeling him out of his room. He saw me!!! I got to give him a kiss and off he went.

the waiting room. They should call it the torture chamber. The one positive thing was to hear how far people have traveled to see the doctors and surgeons in this hospital. I spoke with people from all over the country that brought loved one to this hospital. The nurses told me people fly here from other country for the the doctors in this hospital. That was good to hear.

but still the waiting is unbelievable! It took 8 hours from the time I kissed him Good Luck" to actually see his face again.

The surgery went better then expected. the surgeon very happy with how everything went. Told me he would have a back brace for a few weeks, but then should be able to walk without it. They had to fuse 4 vertebra together with pins and a rod, but no nerve damage. Thank you Heaven!!!
Today's photo is the Torture Chamber/waiting room.

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  1. This is a great photo. It isn't common to see someone take a photo of the waiting room. Great thought.